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  1. how r u doing, any changes after Co2 laser

  2. I have read on line that acv makes your system more alkaline not acidic as we all think. I'm sure if you take it as a drink it can only help.
  3. Go to a doctor and in the mean time keep your hands away from it. Don't want to get it infected.
  4. I don't have any acne just some scarring left over from acne I had years ago and I drink probably 5 cups a day. I know it's bad for dehydration and I have had friends of mine who have given up all caffeine and their skin is amazing after 2 weeks or so but it's just hard to keep it up! We all need a vice every now and then.
  5. I think they could be rolling and a few ice pick but I'm really not that sure...
  6. Thanks Adella, so if you were me you would maybe cancel the up and coming app for a months time to have another co2, take a rain check and see how it's looking after the new year? Dr Goodman seems to suggest it's best to have another around the 3-4 month mark but he also says (as you have said) "real" results can't be gauged until about 6 months post...I think I will wait it out till say Feb or so...
  7. Good one Starlite! Hope all goes well and keep us posted with your progress. All the best with the treatment.
  8. Yes, I've used Retin a in the past for about 2 years and didn't do alot for pitted rolling scars. Maybe if you have shallow red ones it may help but mine were rather deep. Glad to hear it works for you.
  9. nessie01


    It's prob not too late for the cortisone shot Ylem...Maybe go see a doc asap and talk to them about what you can do. It will get better...nothing is forever and give yourself some time...things will work out x
  10. Phew! Thanks for that. They do appear slightly less dented - wider, yes, but certainly not deeper. Maybe it is working. Thanks Gimme!
  11. Hey, just stumbled across your "laser" post, i have been looking for treatment like this, was wondering if you could tell me if it was expensive, painful and worth it? I have mild breakouts, but not often, but hate the redness.

    Any feedback is appreciated.

  12. Hey Buddy. I feel your pain, seriously! I had laser done about 3 months ago and it seems to have made my scars a little wider. I went to a reputable doctor, (Dr Goodman) here in Melb who has a great reputation and I was so excited but I am now a little disappointed. It's disheartening when you look forward to seeing a little bit of an improvement and it doesn't go that way. The rest of my skin is looking great but the scarring seems a little worse.
  13. Hi. I've had filler before for rolling, boxcar scars and one needle was enough for me. Do you have any pics you can post? As far as tca goes, I don't know about that type of thing. Maybe read the summary like gimme suggested. Good luck
  14. I had C02 smartdot laser done for pitted, boxcar and rolling scars about 3 months ago now and the scars seem to be wider The Derm has suggested I come back in for another treatment which I have booked in a months time but I'm now not too sure I want to go ahead and may opt for a temporary filler to plump them up. Has anyone else had laser and have had similar results after the first one? Maybe the second treatment will help smooth them but I'm just not too sure if I should do it now.
  15. Yes, I agree. I was on the 'tane and same thing. I had severe cystic acne mainly along my jawline and now dealing with the scarring that's been left behind. It definately did help clear my skin. It was unbelieveable! Only took about 10 days so hang in there and keep your chin up. Even if you end up with some scarring there are treatments that can help improve the appearance of scarring a little. Good luck