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  1. Ramped up the B5, skin cleared up and dried out. I'm getting nervous in the dosages I'm dealing with, so I lowered my dose and will possibly take Biotin and L-carnitine. My skin is TOO dry for my taste. I don't have a natural glow! Want it back.
  2. I ran out of Vit B5, pantothenic acid, and I started breaking out. Admittedly, I was eating sugar and not washing my face. Hey, this was spring break. I relaxed in every sense of the word..including relaxing my skincare routine. It definitely showed. My skin texture immediately changed, and I broke out terribly. After break, I started eating better and getting my skincare in check, but I didn't notice my skin snapping back into shape. However, as soon as I started B5, my skin came back. I'm a
  3. I've completely run out of my oil serum that I used with my BHA liquid. After running out, my skin has been feeling even better without it. My skin feels a little dryer, however. I also am still trying to eat as little sugar as possible. It gets easier every day, but honestly it sucks. Food is so comforting, and what I'm gaining from it IS worth it, but I have such an emotional relationship with food. It's who I am. But I'm still going to be diligent, and hopefully get to a point where I can
  4. Exfoliate & Hydrate As usual, life gets hectic and keeping a consistent log is difficult. But my current routine of exfoliating, hydrating + vit C has helped so much. Moisturize moisturize moisturize. What's more, the Clarisonic has changed my skin and cleansing routine. I highly recommend anyone on this site to use Jojoba oil for makeup. Every night I hop in the shower, I grab the bottle of jojoba I ordered from the .org store, and take a sizable amount and massage it all over my face.
  5. So....Vitamin C is the best thing ever? My skin looks so incredibly even. I'll definitely keep using the 15% concentrate, but I might give in and purchase a 25% concentrate. Paula's Choice got me so broke, but my skin just looks friggin awesome. I love it. Seriously, my skin is looking so goodddddd. My jawline is still a little stubborn, but once that is gone, my skin will be fantastic. I might have to start tanning to enhance an even glow. But that's kind of the finishing touch.
  6. 3 rounds of Accutane...I couldn't imagine! I couldn't even finish my first round, it just destroyed my health and skin. I hope it all works out for you I'll be checking in here again.
  7. Paula's Choice "Resist" BHA lotion for my back has been working SO well, that I no longer feel it necessary to use Acne.org's 10% AHA moisturizer. I have a huge tub of it, so I wondered what to do with it. Why not use it for my arms, legs, and more? I've replaced my normal moisturizer with this AHA, and my legs are sooooooo smooth now it's insane! My boyfriend will love this Dairy I haven't explicitly done a no-dairy diet. However, I have been consuming so much less dairy now that I use alm
  8. I would really appreciate it if you didn't comment on this log.. I'm not really seeing eye to eye with you and not interested in having a academic journal link battle. Nothing against you personally, as I'm sure you're great and you mean well in the end.
  9. Oh my god, break up with him now.
  10. What sorcery is this product? What sorcery is this?? When I first started using it, admittedly my neck dried out super quick and my face felt very tight. I get scared so I didn't want to continue, but I did notice my skin looking so nice. So...I've kept using it over the past week or so. I think my skin is adjusting (maybe?) but anyhow, holy SMOOTHNESS batman! 2/3/2016 Began peeling on my chin. Slowing down 2% over the next couple days, then will ramp up again. 2/10/2016 I ramped down, then
  11. I'm excited to see how this goes for you! I have a dermaroller but am a little afraid to use it. How much can dermarollers help? I have 3 pretty obvious box scars, I think they're called. I don't know a whole lot about scarring.
  12. I haven't had people yell at me about my face, but definitely my weight. I had a guy yell at me once, out of his car, "Watch where you're going, you fat b**ch!" I walked in front of his car in a parking lot. Needless to say, first came shock, then I went to my car and cried. Why do people think they can say these things to us? I'm so sorry for what that person said to you. Just remember, truly bad people exist. There's no two ways about it. Sometimes I have caught myself staring at others
  13. Paula's Choice BHA 2% is way too drying. After one application, the skin on my neck completely flaked off and my face felt SO tight. Edit: spoke too soon about the 2%. But I'll be switching between 2% and 1% when/if my skin is feeling dry. I bumped up my green cream to every night and I'm so glad I did! My skin has adjusted and feels quite good! Edit: will be ordering Paula's 1% retinol soon to integrate into skincare. 0.6% bumped up to 1% will be dramatic! However, for the bumps I do ha
  14. Ok, so I might be buying a TON from Paula...they know their stuff much more than I realized. I'm digging their Vit C and HA booster serums, even their retinol. I thought I was doing pretty good with my Level 6 Green Cream. But Level 6 = 0.6% Retinol 2-3x/wk. But they have a 1% Retinol they say you can wear every night...! Damn! I'm definitely going to up my retinol Level 6 to every night, then bump to either the Level 9 or Paula. Also considering switching out the spot treatment to Paula too
  15. I love Disney and everything Disney related. Story time: when I was about 19-20, my acne hit an all time low and it was probably the worst emotional state of my life. I can admit that right now. I had also gained weight, I admit, so that time was not good...I'm just trying to say how much I can empathize with you. I've been right there. Please find people to reach out to and talk about this. Maybe people on this site. Feel free to comment on my log or what have you, because I know what it's li