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  1. "1. Your Scars remind you where you have been, they don't have to dictate where you are going." I love everything about what you posted besides number one because it's false for me. I've been put into a situation where I didn't get the desired job because of my back acne scaring. It's completely hideous. I agree when they told me, "No one wants to look at that."
  2. hi there, of course i'm ok! how are you? I just sent you a smile because you lurked me.

  3. Funny you say let them heal because some marks I've had for 4 years now are SLOWLY going away. Time does heal things..... but times moves too slow in my opinion. Haven't done aha yet.
  4. I'm 19 and after 4 dreadful years my acne is starting to subside from my back. It's finally going down! With the help of my friends Minocycline & Panoxyl & Differin & Salicylic Acid. I really did use them all at once! If I could have used them all while on Accutane I would have. Any helpful tips that can diminish the appearance of scars and pigmentation marks? My back, and body is completely ruined. [*] Tried lemon juice [*] Tried backing soda [*] Tried urine (ahhhh!) [*] Tr
  5. I suggest trying them all to see which one works best. I would go to your DOCTOR instead of a DERMATOLOGIST for this though. Stay on each one for a month and decide from there. You'll know. I've been through a few different ones until I found the one that worked best for me.
  6. It's okay. I've been using much more than that. If you break out cut one or two things out, or do it less often.
  7. Ouch. Your acne looks really painful. I suggest considering Accutane.
  8. Which one are you using? I'm using the one with Zinc and lemon in it. I don't see a difference.
  9. I was the same as you. To the same degree as well. After seeing these pictures of you, I'm not so embarrassed to post my own. It's the exact same! Ugh. However, I did find that a good sun burn, yes a sun burn.... RAW, RED and PAINFUL seemed to rip off a few layers of the skin on my back. Since then it has gone down a little. Meaning, not as noticeable but it's sure in hell there.
  10. Wear cotton underwear - I swear by this!
  11. Stay away from dairy if possible, it will trigger your acne and will make it worse. I cut dairy out of my diet and noticed a vast improvement.
  12. I was the exact same way until I realized that sometimes when I looked in the mirror and saw something NEW happen to it, it was usually just ANOTHER pimple! I gave up for the longest time with my acne. Now I'm on Minocycline.
  13. Yep. I use St. Ives apricot 2% salicylic cleanser to clean my face and then apply a small smount of Differin. Sometimes I also mix it with Cetaphil if I feel like it's going to be too "drying" because it's alot of chemicals on our face at the same time.