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  1. Oh boy what a hand we have been delt eh? Well, I sure appreciate your feedback & stories... I am taking everything into consideration. Right now I am off of everything & just waiting for the symptoms to start creeping back. I'll let you know for sure if anything ever works for me!!! And I am stopping. I regret ever going on antiandrogens. Starting with spiro, I started getting bad reflux that continued, and worsened, on flutamide. I have GERD. So, now I am on ANOTHER daily pill to offs
  2. Thanks Holloway! I really appreciate your comment. You described my experience w/ Spiro perfectly. Although I was on 100mg... I'm off of it now, waiting for the symptoms to completely subside then I am going to try smaller doses. I am very hopeful, but also full of doubt ( Have you tried the Flutamide? C
  3. Thanks for your insight. I'm sure that a tighter diet couldn't hurt... but honestly, my diet is pretty darn good. I am heavy into health... Yoga, Spinning, my diet is full of veggies & healthy fats, low in processed food & dairy. I know that my issue is off the charts Testosterone & I'm afraid it can't be controlled w/ just diet (
  4. Thanks for your thoughts... I have tried anitbiotics. I even used Accutane (successfully but not worth the side effects again) years ago. This stuff (Spiro) had the fastest most beautiful results I have ever seen. I'm so happy to hear that you are having some success w/ the ACV. Is your acne hormonal?
  5. After decades of suffering with oily skin & cystic acne... I have found my cure. Spironolactone. But I can't take it. It give me a horrible racy heart beat, itchiness & anxiety. My skin after 3 weeks is so smooth & peachy... I just want to touch myself all the time. I even lost a few pounds in water weight (it's a diuretic). But I am dreading morning I wake to cysts & oil as they will surely appear in a day or two b/c I had to stop taking it a few days ago. In my saddness.
  6. Thanks for the great info! I'm curious... does the tea you drink have caffeine? I'm not keen on drinking too much of it, but would certainly be willing to try with the results you are getting! :-) Also, wanted to let you know that Saw Palmetto has had the same effect (oil reduction, soft skin, less acne). Might want to consider it if you get sick of drinking the tea! Carrie
  7. Thanks for the great info! I'm curious... does the tea you drink have caffeine? I'm not keen on drinking too much of it, but would certainly be willing to try with the results you are getting! :-)
  8. Sunny - I'm wondering how the Saw Palmetto worked out for you? I tried Spriro & LOVED it, but it made my heart race like crazy & couldn't stay on it. Are you still clear & on the SP? If so - congratulations! - and would you mind sharing your dosage etc? Thanks so much!
  9. Thank you for your post Queen! I am lurking around these parts searching for the cure to my hormonal acne & migraines. After a hormone panel a month ago my Dr. advised that my testosterone is very high & my progesterone very low for a 36 year old Female (no surprise). She put me on 100mg of Spironolactone & 260mg of Saw Palmetto daily for the acne/skin/hair issues. Fast forward 3 weeks later and my skin & hair are amazing... it makes me want to cry! I look healthy & no
  10. I am desperate to find a replacement for Spiro. I started on it 3 weeks ago & the results are amazing... however, I have recently begun to have what I fear are side effects... heart racing, scalp itching. I don't know if I can deal with it despite the amazing new clarity of my skin. Have any of you had any issues like this b/c of Sprio & or do any of you know of a good alternative. I have textbook hormonally driven (testosterone abundance) acne. Thank you Sooooooooooo Much for any
  11. I've been taking Spiro for 3 weeks today. Started out @ 50mg & been on 100mg for the past 2 weeks. Everything was going so well; super smooth skin, greatly reduced breakouts, minimal to no side effects. Until today. My heart feels like it's racing. I went to the doctor & they said that my bp, pulse & EKG results are perfectly normal. Said it could be anxiety - which I'm not ruling out but I've never had issues with before. I'm so sad & worried that this is from the Spiro b
  12. My skin is like silk after 3 weeks on 100mg of Spiro. It's amazing.