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  1. Aha, the irony... i would have plenty of girls my mom and dad knew i was messing with, now i can, or i don't even try to get a girlfriend!!! damn, the last time i kissed or hugged a girl was 2 years ago!!! man acne took a toll on me, and still is for the most part.
  2. How many treatments do they take to see nice results? i have pitted scars on my temples! you can see pics, i made a thread earlier... but how exactly does subscision work?
  3. Try african black soap, and use aloe vera gel as a mosturizer
  4. Hey, your face is clear! lol i would love to have acne on my neck than on my face! But shit bro, do you only get acne on the neck? I mean just get a neck tattoo to cover it up....I mean come on bro from the pics your neck looks ok, i don't think neck acne is as far as noticeable than face acne...
  5. bump!! will laser work for the temples?
  6. I took all these pics today. Im so depressed, the scars are all over my face especially me temples, even though you can see in the pics i got a lil on my cheeks, but the temples are whats killing me! I want to get rid of these ASAP what kind of laser? BTW im 19 yrs old these wont heal over time ehh?
  7. Dang bro, i turned into a shadow, i just turned 20 and man 16-17 when my skin was clear, was so nice! NOW I GOT SCARS ON MY TEMPLE AND DISCOLORATION, I DONT FEEL LIKE DOING ANYTHING!
  8. Yea man, life was good then after graduation it sucked! I loved lifting weights too, but I was also taking whey protein so i believe that led to more pimples! Either way guys i still go to work and stuff, but i dont be going out ever, like when i was in high school i was so out there every weekend. Other than that im just like a huge fat nerd! i thinks that what i was meant to be, a Nerd, not dissing nerds they are cool, but i used to be macking on females, playing basketball, Mr. too cool at sc
  9. Its 2;43 am, and guess whats on my mind? ACNE!!! I cant believe i would be in this position at 20. I always had acne since about 16 3/4, going into my senior year, but even then it was manageable. I didnt have ugly pitted scars and discoloration! Turning 18 i took a toll cyst everywhere, you can say ever since high school my life has went down hill! After that bullshit im left with scarring and ugly skin, now i still got pimples and on top of that scars from the earlier case, now i feel so hopel
  10. typically the dark spots last from a month to six months, you can apply lemon juice to lighten the marks.
  11. Im so fucked up at this point! i dont know what to do i get cyst and they leave really bad dark spots and some scars!!! im 19, but about to be 20 in 2 months.........any help.....oh also i know this is going to take forever to get clear and get rid of the dark spots i had it this bad even worse when i was 18 and it fucking sad that im back at square 1. I took antibiotics before and they did help, but as soon as i went off the acne crept slowly back on my face. Any help is appreciated. For my fac
  12. When i was working in 2010 summer, i had just graduated high school . I thoguht life was going to be great but ironically i broke out really bad, anyway this Indian lady i work with probably around 55-65 was the cashier and i was bagging groceries, me and her always got along but i guess she seen my face getting out of control. One day there are no customer,things are moving slow, so out of no where she says "What is this?" as she points at her face, basically asking me what the fuck is on my fa