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  1. I hate scars!!! stay strong and know things can get better!!!
  2. Aha, the irony... i would have plenty of girls my mom and dad knew i was messing with, now i can, or i don't even try to get a girlfriend!!! damn, the last time i kissed or hugged a girl was 2 years ago!!! man acne took a toll on me, and still is for the most part.
  3. How many treatments do they take to see nice results? i have pitted scars on my temples! you can see pics, i made a thread earlier... but how exactly does subscision work?
  4. Try african black soap, and use aloe vera gel as a mosturizer
  5. Hey, your face is clear! lol i would love to have acne on my neck than on my face! But shit bro, do you only get acne on the neck? I mean just get a neck tattoo to cover it up....I mean come on bro from the pics your neck looks ok, i don't think neck acne is as far as noticeable than face acne...
  6. bump!! will laser work for the temples?
  7. I took all these pics today. Im so depressed, the scars are all over my face especially me temples, even though you can see in the pics i got a lil on my cheeks, but the temples are whats killing me! I want to get rid of these ASAP what kind of laser? BTW im 19 yrs old these wont heal over time ehh?
  8. Dang bro, i turned into a shadow, i just turned 20 and man 16-17 when my skin was clear, was so nice! NOW I GOT SCARS ON MY TEMPLE AND DISCOLORATION, I DONT FEEL LIKE DOING ANYTHING!
  9. Yea man, life was good then after graduation it sucked! I loved lifting weights too, but I was also taking whey protein so i believe that led to more pimples! Either way guys i still go to work and stuff, but i dont be going out ever, like when i was in high school i was so out there every weekend. Other than that im just like a huge fat nerd! i thinks that what i was meant to be, a Nerd, not dissing nerds they are cool, but i used to be macking on females, playing basketball, Mr. too cool at sc
  10. Its 2;43 am, and guess whats on my mind? ACNE!!! I cant believe i would be in this position at 20. I always had acne since about 16 3/4, going into my senior year, but even then it was manageable. I didnt have ugly pitted scars and discoloration! Turning 18 i took a toll cyst everywhere, you can say ever since high school my life has went down hill! After that bullshit im left with scarring and ugly skin, now i still got pimples and on top of that scars from the earlier case, now i feel so hopel
  11. typically the dark spots last from a month to six months, you can apply lemon juice to lighten the marks.
  12. Im so fucked up at this point! i dont know what to do i get cyst and they leave really bad dark spots and some scars!!! im 19, but about to be 20 in 2 months.........any help.....oh also i know this is going to take forever to get clear and get rid of the dark spots i had it this bad even worse when i was 18 and it fucking sad that im back at square 1. I took antibiotics before and they did help, but as soon as i went off the acne crept slowly back on my face. Any help is appreciated. For my fac