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  1. Lol I don't party that much though :)

    1. just chillin' here what's new

      1. Anecdotal reports of jacked dudes are considered more credible than scientific research. Broscience mang.
      2. Yeah, bruh, it's just a bunch of broscience that you need a lot of excessive protein for more muscle. You must've dirty bulked in that 40lb period.
      3. haha UCSB is straaaaight party!

        1. UCSB, UCLA...hmmm...depends a lot tho

          1. Yeah! I just don't wanna move out of town really. I do but there are things holding me back lol. Which school would you go to here?

            1. you're lucky you live in cali too, so many great schools to choose from

              1. Haha I hope so! Yeah philosophy is interesting, I'm not sure I can put the same effort into it lol it can be a headache!