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  1. I apply it of a night and wash it off in the morning, but to avoid getting dry skin.. once the creams dried in, should I moisturise over the top of it? and if I do would I effect it? reply asap please as I want to get to sleep in the next 10 minutes, aha XD
  2. ohh weird I never got any lotion with it.. just the cream in a tube :/ thanks for the advice !
  3. Yes, it's Duac. and once a day at what points shall I moisturise? as I don't want horrible flaky dry skin lol. ty for replying
  4. thankyou for the replies guys! just a question.. should I leave the gel on over night and wash off in the morning and then moisturise? or not? also does it help with small scars and red marks left over from old acne? also.. I'll keep this post updated with my process.. this is my first day of using it, I'll let you know how things go tomorrow
  5. My doctor just prescribed me this, it's something like bp 5% clyndamycin 1% or something like that.. anybody ever had it? Is it good? my doctor and the pharmacist told me it's very good.
  6. So it's me again.. and again I'm not going to school, only day I've been in is Wednesday this week. ergh :/ so today there was a BIG argument with my Mum.. I usually have no problem covering up my spots, but since I'm using some new products it's really dried my skin.. and it's awfully sensitive, so I couldn't leave without wearing concealer and I'd tried everything to make it look alright, and it just wouldn't. So I had my impatient brother pushing me around because I was going to make him late
  7. BuffyForever

    You can really feel it cleanse your skin! leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, removes all of your impurities. Keeps acne away. AMAZING makeup remover. Makes skin red.. but I think that's cause my skin's not used to it, atleast you know it's cleaning all the impurities in your skin! but for a cleanser.. it does it's job. amazing so far.. just getting used to the redness!
  8. That's the same for me.. my Mum's always telling me how much she "understands" and I guess on a level she does, but on an entirely different scale.. she doesn't. But try not get too down and stressed about it, cause chances are it'll only make it worse. If your boyfriend tells you you're beautiful, believe him. Because his really the only guy you want to try and please with your appearance, and if you're doing that.. smile! because you're very lucky to have a person who looks past those things,
  9. I think everybody here can relate to how you are feeling! like myself.. some of us are just really unfortunate to have to battle acne alone! wouldn't it be amazing if they opened a school just for people with acne? so we could all learn and not give a f**k what others thought because we'd all be in the same boat. Honestly, there's really no amazing advice to give you.. accept I really think you should buy cute clothes, try your best with makeup (just buy some skin friendly ones) and go out looki
  10. Does anybody else feel as if society and people with "clear" skin underrate the power acne has on an individuals life? Most people who don't deal with it are all 'oh it's only a few spots, it'll pass' but it never does.. and although you can't blame people for not understanding, as they've never experienced it. But they never seem to try.. It's such a confidence killer, and turns you to hate every positive aspect of your self, I hate it! I mean I class myself a cute guy.. I'm not vain, I'm just
  11. BuffyForever

    Portfolio ;D

    just a little me me me :L yes I'm quite photo genic.. and edit my photos to hide my imperfections, aha!
  12. Thanks for the reply's all! I went back to school today.. I did find it a big being out in direct sunlight! always had to quickly rush into a subject block! lols.
  13. My mum brought it for me towards the beginning of the Summer, I was really confident in using this.. but my problems were I couldn't keep away from my other products, so the rays were pulling out my impurities, and then I kept putting them back in. In total I used it on and off for around 7 weeks, and it never really did anything for me. If anything, If my current routine doesn't work for me.. I'll turn back to my Lumie Lamp, but it does have some very good reviews.. and it's also won a beauty
  14. Bleh.. I feel your pain, I've had to REFUSE to go to school the past few days, because for some reason my skin's started to play up again.. 4 years and counting, it's endless.
  15. I really keep trying to battle through.. I have done for 4 years, and even with my problems I've broken out in another spot which I popped.. stupid me U_U I just hate my stupid life, and my stupid skin right now. Why can't the people who drink, do drugs, etc get acne.. instead it's the people who do absolutely everything to look after their skin and get flooded with this bullshit.