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  1. What's the best way to even out skin on an area like the neck or back (not sensitive skin)? I've got a bunch of white acne marks that came after a sudden breakout. I have a really dark tan and the marks are completely white. Looks quite nasty. It's a small area tho. I've been doing harsh sugar scrubs + emu oil everyday and it's working. I also did a 50% glycolic acid peel a week ago. Burned my skin a bit but it's fine now. How can I get rid of the tan faster and make the marks blend in?
  2. Are you a moderator? Nope, then stop telling me what to post. My post actually has some value since I'm basically a human pharmacy. I also take zinc supplements daily, so it can't be that either.
  3. - I've been on a low dose of accutane for a year. It's keeping me clear nicely - I'm using steroids. I have played around with my estrogen, testosterone and prolactin by driving them 20x higher than normal or killed off completely. Nothing has caused acne - Jerking off seems to cause minor inflammation. Even though my skin is not capable of breaking out anymore. I only get like a super tiny whitehead that's gone in a day, but the fact that I do get it after masturbating is still interest
  4. I am 2nd month of a low dose accutane cycle 20mg ed (self-medicating) and it's going great. I'm a big guy, but it's working really well. My acne was mild to begin with. No significant sides really. Do the emotional effects from accutane stay after you are done with the drug? I had depression or some kind of psychological problem prior to the use (probably bipolar) of accutane, and it's a lot worse now. I have to say, I hadn't felt "real" depression before this. I have no emotions at all. I lo
  5. I'm on 20mg ED and I started breaking out immediately. The acne is popping up where I had it before (T zone only, cheeks are and were 100% clear)... It feels like every single pore that is clogged is getting cleaned and gets inflamed in the process. I have pretty mild acne and I'd say that it's currently 5x worse than it was before. I even had two cysts pop up (I rarely get these). Gotta say I did not expect to break out that bad but oh well.
  6. I decided to go on 20mg of accutane for a few months for mild acne and SD starting today. The problem is I already suffer from chronic dry lips. I wonder what's gonna happen to them while I go on accutane? I've always avoided putting stuff on my lips cuz it seems to cause acne around my lip area, so I just let them be dry.
  7. Am I making my SD worse or better? I started using nizoral and AHA on my cheeks twice a day. The spots have gone much redder, but they no longer flake. That's probably because AHA and nizoral both eat the flakes.. I don't know whether I should continue this regimen or not. I think I am making it worse? 2 weeks....
  8. Does this look like SD to you guys? I've been battling this thing since last september. It went away this summer but now it's back Went to a dermatologist who prescribed me a new steroid called travocort which made it 5x more worse. Didn't have the red lines under my eyes before using it. Plus everything is redder. It happens every time I get prescribed steroids. I've tried elocon and fucicort before - both made it worse after first use. I suspect that my skin is really sensitive from t
  9. I know a lot of super healthy people who eat a ton of gluten containing foods everyday. I think most of the gluten and grains bashing came from the paleo diet.
  10. I eat about a 1000-1400 grams of sweet potatoes every other day for my post workout carbs. Not sure if it affects my face. Dude, why do you think masturbation affects muscle gains? It doesn't...
  11. Once a fucking week? What the hell? You are literally full of shit. I go twice a day myself.
  12. Blood type diet is bullshit and some guys proved it.
  13. The green stuff is disgusting, but a the liquid versions is pretty good. Don't think it has any effect on my skin.
  14. How can you say that databased? Ever heard of placebo effect? People get cured by believing that that the medicine they was given cured them, even though it wasn't the actual medicine. People have died because they were given a fatal disease such as cancer misdiagnose (they didn't actually have the disease). Why wouldn't it work with acne?
  15. How can this be? It's not related to temperature - I never use too hot water. When I take a shower at home my face gets pretty dry and sometimes flaky, wheres after working out in the gym it doesn't happen. Is it the water or something else?