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  1. All it takes is will power. I recommend going 10 days without it, then bringing it down to every 5 days. If that is too hard, you can just straight up try every 5 days and see if it you see any results at all.
  2. You can sure try. I know that when I didn't do it for 3 weeks I started to break out worse than normal, so I did it, then waited and didn't for 5 days. I have seen good results since then. I think it is all about doing it in moderation in seeing what works for you. I have read that on the 7th day of not doing it your hormones peak on that day so I thought I would do it a couple days before the 7th day and see what would happen. Again, many say there is no correlation, but I have seen my fair
  3. If any of you were me right now, I am sure you would be living it up. It is clear now that I am no longer an acne sufferer anymore. I just looked in the mirror (which I very much try to avoid) and had one dot on my entire mug. I have control over it now. The fact though is that I am very much scarred from the past in relationships I blew off because of this crap. I guess we all just need time.
  4. Yeah there are truly many pieces to solving the puzzle. Topicals, IMO, are not one of them though.
  5. On the diet aspect, I have been vegan since February of this year. Water only, lots of carbs from whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans and low fat. I kind of doubt diet has any affect on me besides never getting sick. A tip. Whenever you feel stressed, go outside and walk around (no sunglasses on, the brightness of the uv light is what needs to hit the eye in order to make you feel good). Also, keep your room well lit during the day with windows open. Again, UV light improves mood. Windows
  6. That is very odd then if you can go a few months of being clear. If that was me i'd be celebration 'it's over, it's over' haha. I could only go about one week of being completely clear, but hey I'll take what I have going right now. The stress of having to physically control it is none existent whatsoever for me. I just wanted to get rid of as many factors that I could control, in order to see the outcome. I am not saying not to wash, but just note your habits to see how they damage your skin.
  7. I am completely serious haha. Topicals ruined my skin and I was desperate to heal what they did, so I thought why not? I don't go to the gym very often so I could see how it could feel gross, however I went to the Mediterranean this summer and sweated a lot under the sun and didn't get any breakouts. Sweat is actually mildly antibacterial cause it contains some salt. Mine was very mild until I introduced bp and exfoliators a couple years ago. I can say now that that was what onset it to be acn
  8. I've seen the biggest change in my skin when I stopped masturbating for 3 weeks then cut it down to once every 5 days. Many say there is no correlation, but this has been the most reliable thing I can control. If I do it once every 5 days now, I know the next day I will look good again. Usually it is the 4th day that I notice I am at my worst but still not all that bad. I also haven't used anything on my face for around 4 months (not even water) so I am positive this is what has had the biggest
  9. yeah I am pretty much the same as you then. Not even my brothers and sister have it. lol I have a brother that is 15 and he is clear which sometimes I feel embarrassed about since I am in my early 20s. Just seriously, products are NOT the way to go. The market in them is really smart in making your acne worse for you to get as pissed off and blow more cash on more products. The best thing is to just wait it out and not get in the habit of treating and facing it everyday. I never cared about my
  10. Aloe vera (the plant itself) is good for the skin but if you are to try this I would not put it on your face. Your face should come to homeostasis in time when you are not messing with it anymore (this means no water too because water can still be mildly drying but of course it is not forever just until it can handle it more). I don't think trying it for two days will really give you any benefit. It needs to be a commitment thing where you are no longer going to be controlled by it and just let
  11. I say that is light. By when you say that you tried doing nothing, does that mean no water too? For how long? I haven't washed even with water for about 25 days and my face looks and feels a lot better. Each week only seems to be better than the last one and now I only get like one kind of 'bad' day a week and the rest of the days are good without me really worrying. I had such a good week that I even tried to break out by masturbating twice a day this past weekend, haha. My face held on well wh
  12. Well I haven't washed my face even with water for 21 days. Results? I have one lipline whitehead left from yesterday at the moment that is not noticeable at all under my stache. Pretty sure this is as natural as it comes. I have not exfoliated at all... Just proving that all these things people keep doing just keep hurting the skin in the long run. You think this guy washes his face? http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
  13. Vitamin D is a hormone so that may be why. I have said that the sun is good for us (in moderation with no sunscreen) on here before but no one wanted to abandon their predispositions to what they have been programmed to believe.
  14. Yeah I know, but I wanted to prove that washing even with water was irritating my skin. My face does best when not touched at all. These products all messed up my face's natural defense system and just made everything add up and lead to breakouts overtime. Most primates are scared of swimming in water so who knows if there is something more to it. Our grandparents did not shower as much as we do today, that is for sure. I think we as a society push people to be too clean to sell products which r
  15. dry skin and flaky skin mean irritated. I haven't washed my face even with water for 15 days and my skin looks GREAT! I have one tiny whitehead on my entire face that will scab up by the end of the day. I am doing everything that the 'professionals' say not to - Letting dead skin build up, leaving any oil alone (although I have dry skin), not exfoliating. I am glad I did this because this is freaking working!