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  1. September 9 I'm back, after an awesome first week of school! It's been roughly 2 weeks since adopting my new "super simple" regimen of only moisturizer, sunscreen, and (occasionally) witch hazel. So far, so good. My skin looks and feels less dehydrated and irritated. I don't want to speak too soon because it's only been a few weeks, but I'm sticking to this until I'm 200% confident that my skin is ready to be reintroduced to other products. I can't believe that I'm not using a cleanser on
  2. Aww thank you so much for the super nice message. If only you knew how hard this made me smile. Yeah, definitely start using a moisturizer! It might seem like your pores are getting more clogged but you can fix that later. TRUST ME, it's practially impossible to treat all your skin issues at once. I tried to do that and I fucked over my face. -_- I've really been making an effort to stop obsessing over my skin. School just started this week and I'm realizing that there are quite a few people my
  3. September 1 My routine for the past few days has been the following: in the morning I rinse with water, pat dry, and apply sunscreen (leaves my face really greasy but the sun protection is necessary). In the evening I rinse with water, wipe with witch hazel, pat dry and then apply my moisturizer generously. The witch hazel is more drying than I want right now, but I feel like I need something to remove the sunscreen. On days which I don't wear sunscreen, I will skip the witch hazel and jus
  4. August 29 Well, this morning I didn't even use cleanser. I simply splashed my face with water, wiped it down with some witch hazel and applying a shitload of moisturizer. Last night my face (mostly my left cheek, as usual) was so tight and dry that I decided I had to take drastic measures. I probably won't even use a toner later on, and just rinse with water and put on some moisturizer. I have so many fucking superficial lines on my cheeks from them being dried out and some of them have go
  5. August 28 Late night/early morning post because I am friggin' bored. School is starting in a week, which I'm grateful for. Anything to distract me from obsessing over my skin is a blessing. I notice that I have this weird tingling, prickly feeling in my left cheek, but not anywhere else on my face....really really really strange and I'm beginning to think that there's a correlation between this and the fact that I only scar on that cheek. ugh my life. It's awesome not having to spend a lifetim
  6. Just some more food for thought. I've read other posts online from people experiencing this same phenomenon - random scars/lines appearing in their skin - and there is ALWAYS one common part to the story: Accutane or another topical retinoid. The million dollar question is, how long does it take after stopping said medications for your skin to recover? I know that I didn't do myself any good when I went buckwild with the chemical peels and exfoliating a couple of months ago. I just hope and pray
  7. August 25 Disclaimer: Yeah, this is a rant. I am so so so so so so annoyed, frustrated, and fed up with my skin right now. My left cheek keeps scarring and I DON'T KNOW WHY. Like it looks like someone took a knife to my face and made small slits in my skin. What the fuck? What the fuck? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? It's not even like it's all over my face. IT'S ONLY HAPPENING TO MY LEFT CHEEK! WHY? WHAT AM I FUCKING DOING? I don't use RAM anymore, I can't even remember the last time I used a bet
  8. Thanks so much! I always wonder if anyone actually reads my posts...so it's cool to get comments like this. I hope that my log will help people to learn from my many, many mistakes. Lol. ><
  9. August 21 Late night update, yeahhhh! Lol so it's 2 in the morning and i just woke up (fucked up sleeping schedule, I know). I've decided I'm going to order some rosehip oil from New Directions Aromatics. I refuse to pay $50-60 for 100mL of product from Pure + simple unless I 100% have to. That's ridiculous. For whatever reason, they don't list on their website whether or not their organic rosehip oil is refined or unrefined, so using information from various resources online and also my own c
  10. August 20 Well, I'm having a serious dilemma this morning. I decided to experiment and try the Clary Sage hydrosol while washing my face...BIG mistake. It almost instantly had a super drying effect on my skin. Drying + dehydrated skin = disaster. My face feels and looks so tight and dried out right now. I know that is says it has an astringent effect but I was NOT expecting that to happen at all. That will be my first and last time using that particular hydrosol, and I will most likely give it
  11. Speak of the devil, my GoW products came! This company has THE BEST SHIPPING ever. I literally just ordered these products a few days ago and they just left for delivery 3 days ago. Three days ago! I'm seriously impressed. Well I'm about to head out the door so I'll update later on or tomorrow once I get a look at the products. Alright, I'm back with some first impressions. I tried the Myrrh hydrosol gel, the Go Away Scar Gel, & the Immortelle/Helichysum hydrosol. First off, the hydrosol..
  12. August 16 Mmk so this has nothing to do with my acne, but I broke my glasses yesterday (the tip of the arm that goes over your ear) and I'm basically blind right now. -_- VERY annoying! I brought them back to the store to get them fixed but they haven't called me back yet, so using the internet is a pain in the ass right now. Moving on...so far, so good with the rosehip oil. I'm going to look into which other oils are good for acne scarring and healing of the skin. I've been using that cucumb
  13. August 14 Well, I started using my HA serum (the plain one) that's been sitting under my counter. That's 3 serums that I'm using on my face now. (: And I'm not stingy with them, either...I'm apply them very generously lmao. Especially on my scars. I've also been using my rosehip oil, but I think I need to buy a full size because it's very, very inconvenient having to struggle to get a few tiny drops out of that tiny container. And it's all oily and greasy. >_> I also want to buy some gra
  14. August 13 So last night after taking off my mask and putting on 2 tiny drops of rosehip oil, my skin really didn't feel as moisturized as the first time I used it. >< My left cheek (the side with the scarring) felt PARCHED, like a desert. I think I'm going to use my cucumber mask today and apply a tiny bit more oil. And I ran out of my tiny sample of collagen serum. >_> My acne looks a hundred thousand million billion times better than it did last August. I feel like I should say