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  1. I have noticed multiple breakouts from masturbation. When I masturbate every other day, I break on a regular basis. When I masturbate once a week, or once every 2 weeks, I break out very little, if at all. That is just way too much of a coincidence for me.
  2. How the hell can anyone believe this shit? She says she's not going to spend the time to type out the ingredients, but instead posts a god damn novel defending this transparent dirt-bag Neal. Amazing. Every progress picture she takes has higher contrast than the last (see picture:http://i.imgur.com/3hmxr.png). Again, amazing.
  3. Short answer, yes. Long answer, kinda. Can you please explain?
  4. My dad cooks everything, so it varies. We've been having a LOT of chicken breasts lately... feels like at least 3 times a week. Other than that, it varies. One day we'll be having lintels and sausage, another day steak & sweet potato, or I think last night we had bratwurst and potato salad. The day before that it was a beef stew. I try to have as much vegetables as possible in the form of mixed vegetable bags from the freezer, but sometimes it seems redundant (ie: carrots with sweet potatoes
  5. I've been eating it for about a month, and I've noticed that I've been breaking out more than I remember I have in the past. Obviously many other things could be a factor to this, but I'm genuinely curious. It's 150g of Quaker Oatmeal (the plainest I could find aside from steel-cut), and 50g of butter (I like buttered oats.) I figured that the fat in the butter would lower the GL of the oatmeal and kind of balance it out... but that was just an assumption.
  6. I guess people are really adamant about taking a shower at least 1-4 times a day?
  7. Assuming you aren't sweating and getting dirty, has anyone tried showering every other day? Have you noticed anything?
  8. Unless you're washing your sheets every day, a LOOSE cotton t-shirt is better. I can understand how it would be bad if you're wearing some skintight job to bed.
  9. Oh, it was so long ago.. I have no idea. All I know is that at one point in time I stuck with a certain diet (which I outlined in my OP) and I stopped breaking out, so I maintained it. This was, like I mentioned, low GL with the exclusion of processed foods, vegetable oils, alcohol and diary. I still stay away from vegetable oils and processed foods, but I have successfully reintroduced a considerably higher GL, alcohol, and dairy with no breakouts. I want to clarify that I'm not downing potato
  10. You said you were on a low GI/GL diet for six years and I have a few questions 1)how old were you when you started? 2)how bad was your acne when you started? 3)How strict were you with your diet? 4)how long until you were never having any acne? 5)what other vitamins were you on? 6)maybe you can post a sample diet of what a typical day would look like? 7)did seeds/nuts ever give you acne? 8)can you describe what type of acne you had? 1.) 17 2.) Moderate (mostly body
  11. Was wholly convinced that if I did, I would immediately break out. Figured it wasn't even worth trying. Got used to it after a while and eventually stuck in a rut of delusional complacency where I convinced myself I was happy.
  12. I'm ambivalent. Frustrated because, for all I know, those foods didn't cause me a problem but I avoided them as if they did. Happy because I can enjoy myself. It's as if I was kept inside because I was told that I would melt in the sun, just to find it won't.
  13. I revised my post. There were some problems with past/pre-tense statements that were ambiguous. It should read more clearly now.
  14. I had been following a strict low GL diet with the exclusion of vegetable oils and diary. I had also been taking large amounts of vitamins, but stayed clear after dropping them. A few months ago I reached my breaking point of frustration. I was tired of restricting myself so much when it came to what I eat. Why couldn't I eat cake just once on my birthday? Oh, because it will give me an insulin spike and will result in pimples. What about orange juice for breakfast? Too acidic. Pancakes? Sorry