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  1. I have not been to this board in a few months (maybe longer). But I did go to Tijuana and Anna injected Bio-Alcamid on 2 occasions (Dr. C did other.... Anna was way better). Results were great, but I had one overinjections and a few areas that could do better. Over last year, I have removed over-injection (there are threads on how to do that). I have then done self-injections with Aquamid, and everything is great now. Its been 2.5 years since original Bio-Alcamid, and its held up fine. Fillers
  2. Just checking back in. I have tried jayjay's technique 3 times around the same bump to remove bio-alcamid. The first time I definitely saw bio-alcamid come out, the 2nd time, I think i saw some, and the 3rd time appeared to be just blood. I think I have removed as much as I can, and it looks really good. The bump is pretty much gone ...... after it agonized me for many months. I still check the area regularly, for fear it will come back. Time for me to move on. In general, bio-alcamid has give
  3. It looks great, I can't believe the results. I strongly recommend this to everyone who has bio-alcamid overfill. And you don't need to go to a doctor to do it. Its very simple.
  4. Ok, so I tried the technique described by jayjay. I injected some sterile saline solution with a 30G needle into my bump. I injected a fair amount. About 1 minute later, I inserted a 18G needle into the bump, and squeezed out what I could. Not much blood at all came out, and after pushing for just a little bit, a clearish gel-like material popped out. Not a huge amount, but a significant amount. I'm assuming this is the bio-alcamid. Its been a few days since I did this, I still have a little swe
  5. Kooky, if you try to inject saline solution to dissolve and move around, let me know how it goes. At this point, I am content with the smallish overfill I have. I don't want to mess it up trying anything else. But I think Kooky's idea is a good one, especially in cases where the bumps aren't very big, and its nearly impossible to get anything else out. Injecting saline into the filler and then massaging may spread things out and diminish the bump. I just think trying to stick a 16g needle in the
  6. jayjay, how is it squeezed out? i am still confused. is it aspirated by a needle, or is it squeezed out like pimple after making a hole with a larger gauge needle? thanks.
  7. I've been away from the forums for awhile, and I come back and there is some good discussion about bio-alcamid removal. excellent. My bump/overinjection is doing pretty well. It is not near as noticeable after the cortisone shot I had 3-4 months ago. There is a small bump still there, that I would like to still remove completely, but all the redness/irritation is long gone since the cortisone, so I'm happy. I'm a little confused by this saline injection to dissolve implant and then aspirate.
  8. For those depressed about their skin (mildly or severely), I strongly recommend you read "Stop Depression Now" by Richard Brown M.D (its a book on SAM-E). I think it will change your life.
  9. I think many people here may not have BDD, because they are not imagining a defect, BUT, I really think it is all part of the same disorder if you are obsessing over your skin. Personally, I think I am a little OCD and definitely displayed many of the BDD symptoms. This became evident when I had an incredible improvement on my scars after bio-alcamid, but I was obsessing even more about smaller scars. I was checking my skin more than I have ever done in the past, it was getting out of control an
  10. Luz, just curious, how much bio-alcamid did you get put in? how much in each area? was it only for acne scars? as far as restylane, you can buy at any canadian pharmacy, and its pretty simple to inject.
  11. Just an update on my cortisone shot. It has been about 2.5 weeks now, and I must say, that cortisone shot was the best thing i've ever done. I am starting to become convinced I had a cyst in there and not filler (though it was near where filler was injected). I had problems with redness, and it would get bigger/smaller, etc. Well, no redness now, no bump, nothing. And where I thought I had lost filler, it has filled in to where it was before. I had a small indent there still, and I decided to do
  12. I'll post here too ..... That cortisone shot (at least for me) was not a good idea. It took filler out of where my scar is, and really didn't do much for my bump. It took alot of filler out, so my one scar is back to almost how it was before, and I still have a small bump above the scar, and to top things off, I have more redness than before. Bio-alcamid was excellent except this one problem area. I don't think I'll put anything permanent in me anymore, but I think I'll treat this one area with
  13. Be very careful with cortisone shots. I had a lump above a scar. And the derm gave a low-dose Kenalog injection (which he said would not cause atrophy) into the lump. Well, the lump has gone down some (not sure how much), but I have also lost some filler where the scar was. Its been one week, so I don't know what the permanent result will be. I don't know if he just missed with the injection. I am just urging caution when doing this.
  14. The instructions by the clinic to remove the bio-alcamid are posted here on the message board (I believe in the Bio-Alcamid/Cortisone thread). If that is the route you choose, I would have someone local perform the extraction (its not difficult). Not worth paying the travel fees and $500 to boot. Any doctor locally can do it, its not rocket science (though not sure if it'll be covered by insurance). I (and others) have tried to remove it myself, but only had a little success. I may have a dermat
  15. Jenny, My cortisone shot was covered by insurance ($15 co-pay). I just went to a local dermatologist. Its only been 48 hrs, but I have not seen the success that Kooky saw (I think he noticed an immediate reduction the next morning). I haven't seen that yet but I'll keep you updated. My lump seems to be easily irritated (i.e, pressing it down will cause it to be red, unlike my other areas that b-a was injected) and a little red. At this point, I would be happy to etiher get rid of either the r