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  1. readytoreaptherewards

    Week 15

    okay so let me just say that I was severly dissapointed this week when I broke out twice on my chin yes I know it is what all acne fighters dread... a new pimple just when you were hoping you had seen the last... well getting off this depressing subject... once i popped them... which was as soon as I saw them... they were already healing the next day and the day after that there was only a faint red mark!!!! Besides that I am clear... except for the red marks here and there that ARE lesseni
  2. readytoreaptherewards

    Thinking back to day one square one

    Okay so I believe it is day 9 on my accutane journey... and it is terrible!!! Lately I can't even face my own family the initial breakout is that bad... and it is still happening... the old ones don't get a chance to heal before the next lot come along... I know that some people say that they would rather get it all over and done with now and have none... but I think after alot of consideration... I would rather have one every two weeks for the rest of my life... that go through this... Okay so
  3. readytoreaptherewards

    Thinking back to day one square one

    Okay it is now day 5 into my roaccutane treatment and so far I havent seen any improvement... I am so tempted to use a treatment on the spots that are already there as they are painful and do not seem to be fading... It is that time of the month and I only have two emerging spots that I have been able to notice so far which is better than usual.. I don't usually have breakouts on my back but these last fews days the breakouts have been painful and numerous. I have been bad.. and I have succumb
  4. Okay so just to put all my guilt out there. I have to tell you guys that I have in fact been taking roaccutane or tane as most like to call it for 12 weeks last monday. Your probably wondering why I have failed to create a blog before now and that was because I was terrified. I didn't want to face the sad state my skin was in and has been in for the past couple of years and I didn't want to face other people. But alas (who on earth uses 'alas' redface.gif ) after searching through millions of ot
  5. readytoreaptherewards

    Getting there

    Hey check out my accutane blog: I would really love some advice and encouragement and for those of you who are just starting maybe this is going to help you Thanks
  6. readytoreaptherewards

    MID WEEK 14

    Okay I know I'm sorry please please please forgive me... It's been such a hectic week. I have had many assignments due and I was so worried that it would cause me to break ouuuutttt but it has been quite the opposite actually since we last spoke/talked/blogammunicated I have only had one pimple and it is on my hair line and is not even visible. YAY!!! FINALLY!!! now all I have to do is hope that this is it and wait. Ummm the emu oil seems to be working well... it doesn't make my skin o
  7. readytoreaptherewards


    So I am not quite at the 13 week mark and won't be there until Monday but I do have an update I would like to share with you. Today I saw a friend who I haven't seen in weeks and she said my skin is much clearer I guess when you see yourself everyday you don't notice the little changes and continue to see the flaws and never the improvements so thats a plus I decided to change my skin care regime and decided to update you guys on that. I went to the chemist and bought simple gentle cl
  8. readytoreaptherewards

    WEEK 12

    Pheww finally up to date and i can now be my witty, sarcastic self So this week after looking back on previous entries I have to admit that things are definitely starting to look up... I am not out of the woods yet but I have definitely found a map... and that most beloved yellow brick road to follow. I have one active pimple left on the left side of my face... and the rest of the scars are now a dull pink which is alot more appealing than the dull red that i had... my forehead and nose
  9. readytoreaptherewards

    WEEK 11

    slight improvement this week... im still breaking out... hell when am i ever not breaking out? But the breaks out are getting more minor and are dissapearing quicker which is just leaving me with a bunch of red marks on my face which stand out just as much as the pimples do minus the lumps and pus... I am started to research the topic of emu oil in order to treat the scars and dryness and i will let you know how I go with that in my next entry... I don't know about you guys but i think tha
  10. readytoreaptherewards

    WEEK 10

    Skinwise I have absolutely nothing to report... no improvements anywhere and everything is still active ... I love my job because it entails working one on one with a three year old who does not know the difference between clear skin and bad skin... i think if i had a normal job these past weeks there is no way i would have been able to show my face... but as it is i have the perfect job where we go to the park and she is more than happy to sit in a quiet secluded spot near the lake and fee
  11. readytoreaptherewards

    WEEK 9

    boosted up to 60mg today and I am really anxious to see whether it cause more damage or actually is the start of something new (pause while i break off into high school music song and dance)... The ones on my left cheek are finally fading but they are still visible all the same... I got two new big ones on my left hand side which are really pussy and I just couldnt resist squeezing the hell out of them... and now they are just big scabs >< big noticeable scabs... Temple on the left is
  12. readytoreaptherewards

    WEEK 8

    Two big things happened to me this week: 1) I feel at ice skating... and all the tops of the pimples on my left hand side and also the surrounding skin came off when I fell and hit the ice and began bleeding profusely... it was highly embarrasing and I hid my face for the rest of the night... there goes my hoped for smile.. and 2) I started uni this week which wasn't as bad as I thought because there were no tutorials until next week just lectures which meant I didnt have to do any class int
  13. readytoreaptherewards

    WEEK 7

    Much to my despair the mirror has not produced any change... the ones on my left side are beginning to heal... but they are still red and noticeable... I actually feel optimistic this week... but like another blogger said... that is what makes tane a rollercoaster journey, one week up the other week down and so on... I have bravely planned an ice skating trip for the end of the week to see some friends since I have been stuck in isolation since like forever... I am getting really irritated
  14. readytoreaptherewards

    WEEK 6

    Didn't have time to update last week and also I really didn't want to... because nothing changed. The ones that were already there seem to have snuggled down to hibernate for the winter and are not budging at all... and I have began to break out on my once "clear" right side. It sucks because prior to this if I saw someone coming towards me I would turn my face so I only my clear side could be seen and now I have absolutely no where to hide . Which is not something that comforts me a great deal
  15. readytoreaptherewards

    WEEK 4

    No improvement plenty of new ones to take the place of the old ones and pretty much in the same place as well... I am currently using Neutrogena gentle face wash and moisturizer twice a day... I have also encountered the problem of being unable to swallow my 40mg a day... so I have been putting the tablet in my mouth and biting and sucking until all the orange liquid is out... because that just in case you were wondering is the treasure you will find inside the mystical miracle tablet. Liquid su