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  1. yea i agree it really sucks but i have to learn to keep my head up thanks =)
  2. Hey guys! I just wanted to start this topic on the over the counter product, Tea Tree Oil, and post my journey with using this product. So before going any further, I just wanted to give a brief history on my acne. I've had acne since I started puberty...so maybe when I was around 12. I never really knew how to clear it up and did not have much help with my skin so I was practically on my own and I had no idea what to do. All I used at that age was an astringent and it really didnt
  3. hey guys i know this is really late cant believe i was on accutane a year ago wow this journey brings back many memories and im so glad i kept this well i just came back on to say that ive been breaking out recently i think its because of the crazy stress ive been under with school, all these exams and assignments are driving me nuts and its reflecting upon my skin its really depressing to think about the clear skin i once had and how fast it can go away i've started tea tree oil
  4. nevermind , i assume you meant benzoyl peroxide?
  5. maybee jus use cool water ? like everyday after you wash your face wit warm water splash your face with cool water jus to relieve any tingliness / redness oh it also helps to close your pores it really helped with me goodluck
  6. Heyy guys , just wanna do a quick update . SO im off accutane now . I have like a pimple still ... and its so stubborn it just WONT GO AWAY. i guess i have to be patient but like seriously...........ive had this pimple for like a month. i think thats pretty messed up.......... it must like me a lot ... :\ sooo im jus HOPING it will go away ! but yeah i just wanna (again) thank everyone for the support and i glad i took this journey <3 xoxo
  7. Hey everyonee, My skin has cleared!! Its a miracle! I still have scars though , and hopefully they will fade sometimes they get a little red but nothin some concealer or loose powder wont fix ! I`m so very happy that I decided to take this journey. And thanks for all the support. Much love <3
  8. i started with 20mg for 2months and now im on my 3rd month starting 40mg good luck
  9. third month tomorrow! dermatologist gave me a choice of 20mg/40mg , i couldnt really choose , but my derm. said 40mg would give faster results and my body has already gotten used to the medicine so a large breakout wasnt likely i will be starting 40mg tomorrow , so hopefully it will go well =)
  10. Thanks everyone ! My skin has improved a lot now! I don`t have any acne on my face...well no horribly ugly pimples . I just basically have scars . Some of the scars / leftover acne get really red ! but they sort of fade out normally? and i conceal it also . But i do hope they will fade fully . thanks again to everyone for the support really helped
  11. soooooooooooooo ... it`s been 2.5 months now and i really dont notice anything different like i still get the occasional pimple , and yeah =S ermm ... i guess my skin has cleared up compared to summer which i am EXTREMELY happy about but im not like confident .... yet i still have hope , but like idk everyone else began to see crazy improvements around month 1 and im alrdy on 2nd month and i dont see much of a change ... =(
  12. 2nd month, here i come babeyyy ! i am continuing 20mg a day . my dermatologist wants to see how it goes and it looks like my journey is gonna be a 4-month process so 1 month down, 3 more to go i hope i wont have to go for more months =S anywayss if any changes occur i will update till then , peace and happiness to the world <3
  13. ALMOST A MONTH! I have my next appointment tomorrow, i hope it goes well so a quick update! my mouth pimples have finally gone away! (well i kinda popped it but no scar or anything ) i think my skin has gotten worse since i started the medication ... i hope thts not for long though .......... =s i do not have any MAJOR NOTICEABLE PIMPLES like i did last week but i can feel pimples coming up to the surface ... thts not a good feeling anyways , i`ll update about the appointment after!
  14. thankyou for tht but its almost winter and dresses rnt rlly weather-smart maybe ill get some new boots =) i rlly hope for some positive changes and i will post updates thanks again everyone lol - as in lots of love <33333333333333
  15. hey ! i live in canada too =) and i started accutane on august 10th so we r pretty much on the same road together ! good luck with ur journey i am breaking out a lot right now so i am not ecstatic about accutane yet =( though i will follow ur log, and if u have time u cud follow mine too =) and ps. i suddenly got dandruff also ! i had dandruff like 2yrs back but my hairs been healthy for a while do you think its cuz of accutane?? =(
  16. thank you !!! your comment gave me a little ray of hope . though i am not loving my skin right now and its just so embarrassing i have lost most of my confidence these days and its mainly due to my skin when will the initial break out end??
  17. hey ! good luck on your jourey im almost a month in myself ive been experiencing the initial break out and it truly sucks ! *sigh* i just want time to fly .
  18. Day 22 i havent really noticed any POSITIVE changes in my skin and it sucks school starts tomorow and my skin feels and looks horrible life kinda sucks :[ but yeah here is my UPDATE: this may seem weird, but.. my breakouts keep ... "switching" so like one week ill have a lotta acne on one cheek and then itll slowly heal and ill have break outs on the other cheek so like never at the same time are my cheeks clear ... one will always be breaking out and in worst cases BOTH =( * srry if t
  19. EEEEEEEEEEEEEK i am breaking out like crazy!! i want it to stop! i pray tht this medicine will work *sigh* ps. can i use any benzoyl peroxide/salicyic acid spot treatments during this medication?
  20. Thanks so much for the support guys ! =) It's been about a week now ... and I haven't had any side-effects. I take that as a good thing? I had dry lips once, but it wasnt bad at all , i just put on some vaseline and it was fine I have combination/oily skin, and my skin hasnt been dry at all ... its still oily , yuck! >=( -- Ive read and heard that in the first week you are supposed to get lots of breakouts.. cuz the medicine is getting rid of all the oil in your face.. I have been bre
  21. Hey ! I am 15yrs old and I have been on Accutane 20mg for about a week. I read other people's blogs and decided to make one also. People seem extremely friendly I guess its easier to get thru the journey with other people who know what you`re going through. Ive had acne for about 3years...(face back chest, literally EVERYWHERE) I didnt have that many breakouts (only scarring) till this summer when I broke out a lot, probably because of ... too much sun , and bad sleeping habits , and JUNKFO