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  1. Since coming to this board, this is my new regimen: I wash my face in the shower with my hands and the softsoap moisturizing body wash, rinse with warm water. Once I get out, I dry by patting my face. I have cut out the toner. Once my face has dried, I use the 10% bp. Once that has been absorbed, i put on a light layer of moisturizer (still using the clinique, haven't had a chance to get to the store yet, so i could switch moisturizers). I have only started slathering on the bp these
  2. didnt really know much about acne treatment, so i just bought the product that looked like it might work. It just happened to have 10% bp. It's called 'ZapZyts" or something like that. It doesnt seem to irritate my skin. I slather it all over my forehead(primarily) and wait like 10 minutes than put a bit of moisturizer on and it feels fine. Should I stop using it and use the 2.5% as recommended by Dan or can I keep using it if it is not causing any tightness, dryness or flaking? thanks
  3. It is just the one i have. what would u recommend for lotions? They only beauty product I really dont want to give up is the Ultima II glowtion (love it!!!), as for everything else, I am willing to change. Thanks for your reply! Jenn
  4. I was blessed with clear skin as a teenager, but am now 28 and noticing many, many breakouts. I have atleast 20 zits on my face. I have never had so much acne. I have been using 10% bp applied directly to the pimples, but havnt seen much of an improvement. I read about the regimen and have this question: Can I still use the 10% bp, if it does not dry my skin, followed by clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizer? If it doesn't seem to irritate my skin, do you think it will help? Thi