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  1. Wow, that link it awesome. It's pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a ton!
  2. No need to get upset. Is it too much to ask for actual scientific evidence nowadays? Shouldn't that be the standard? I mean, if people on here claim that gluten is somehow unhealthy then where's the evidence? The paleo diet has been debunked many times because, well... There's no real evidence supporting it. It's all speculation. I've been a proponent of paleo before for acne because I know that for certain people dairy and gluten will cause complications. But for general health there's no evide
  3. As for gluten being "bad", I should have expected this kind of answer knowing the paleo cult that inhabits this site. I'm into nutrition myself, and generally the viewpoint that gluten, dairy, soy, etc is "bad" is seen as a joke because there's no real evidence showing that to be the case. Same with the paleo diet in general, it's based on a lot of speculation and almost no real evidence. I just want to know the truth, no speculative bullshit about how gluten is bad and that we shouldn't eat it
  4. I've been avoiding gluten along with a myriad of other things for the past year or so and i've had good results. I was thinking about gluten lately and I realized the only reason I avoided it was IN CASE I had an intolerance, but I didn't know if I actually had one. And i've read only about 10% of people have a gluten intolerence. It's also likely even less for me because I am of european descent. Is this correct, that if you aren't part of the x% that have an intolerance, that eating gluten is
  5. first off, sweat doesn't cause acne. Overwashing to get rid of sweat can aggravate acne, and potentially quite a lot I would take more than 1 zinc tab a day, just make sure you spread them apart.
  6. Ok ok,I'll give you some tips. I have been looking for foods that are calorie dense and won't aggravate acne. Here are some that I found that are working well for me so far. -Sweet potatoes (yams also work but not as good) -Steel Cut oats (not any other kind of oats. I eat a shit ton of this) -Legumes (chick peas, black beans) -Protein Powder -Certain nuts (macadamia nuts, walnuts. Macadamia are the best but expensive,extremely calorie dense though) -Coconut Oil. Very good for adding calories ex
  7. vegetables make you gag?are you retarded? theres absolutely nothing inherently disgusting about vegetables. at all. You are stupid if you think so. Anything that makes you gag like that is a result of your own preconceived notions. And until you can admit to being an idiot, enjoy your acne. You should be eating a decent amount of vegetables at least twice a day, preferably more. Nuts are also really good because they are fats and calorie dense. Best ones are macadamia nuts and walnuts. (macadam
  8. it's okay to use stuff in the morning. if you're going out in the sun make sure to put on a sunscreen. keep up the moisturizer to alleviate peeling. you can also use BP, my doctor prescribed a bp gel for me which i put on in the morning and at night i put on the retina Okay, thanks that helps alot. ALso, you're pretty, hopefully you clear up
  9. Currently I just use a retinoid at night and during the day I just use moisturizer. Also I am on tetracycline. Should I be putting something else on my face during the day? My acne is getting worse and it's very persistent as well. Should I buy some 2.5% BP and use it during the day? Does anyone have any recommendations? thanks in advance
  10. Currently I use a retinoid with an antibiotic in it (stievamycin) at night and put aha on a certian part of my face during the day (where i get the most zitz). My acne's been getting worse lately and I'm wondering if tere's anything else I should be doing. I just use cetaphil cleanser to wash my face. Should I be applying something like BP during the day? What else can I do to help? any help is much appreciated.
  11. Just wondering if I can use aha as a moisturizer and then put a retinoid overtop of it 30 minutes later. Will they affect each other? or will they both work normally? I know they work on different layers of skin but i was just wondering if they would interfere with each other somehow. help greatly appreciated
  12. I'm thinking of going on an AI in order to lengthen the time of my growth plates being open hopefully making me grow a little bit taller. Anyone know if this could increase acne significantly? I'm sort of at a tough choice here: Take AI and hopefully grow a little bit taller while my growth plates are still potentially open, but with the chance of my acne getting worse for the period of a few months. anyone got any info regarding this?
  13. Alright so back from the doctors appointment. He wouldn't even discuss accutane lol. He was getting visibly angry and speaking very loudly. He said it's only for severe cases and that my case wasn't severe. (I guess how patients feel about themselves doesn't matter. I am quite depressed right now and scared of returning back to the state I was in a few years ago where my life was pretty much terrible, but I guess as long as I only have a certian number of lesions on my face it doesn't matter how
  14. Is the initial breakout from accutane reduced/nonexistent if you are already on a topical retinoid before hand? I know they are both different forms of the same thing and they both work to bring acne to the surface - if you have already been on a retinoid for over a year wouldn't all of the stuff have already been brought up? thanks in advance
  15. No, get accutane. My acne is not as bad as yours and I want to get it as well
  16. You have to take it 1 hour before meals or 2 hours after meals. I'm in the same boat as you, i'm bulking atm and eating 6 times a day. I take 2 pills right as I wake up and then wait an hour to eat. Then I eat my last meal at like 10 pm and take my last pills 2 hours later 10 minutes before bed. Of course this schedule only works because I:m on summer vacation right now. I'll have to change it and make it more strict once school starts.
  17. So my skin was bad for a few years and my self esteem was completely fucked. Then I started stievamycin (tretinoin with antibioitic in it) and started eating right and my skin got reasonable for the last year or two. Well in the last couple months it has gotten a lot worse. It was 4 weeks before university started and my doctor was on vacation so I went to a walk in clinic and she prescribed me tetracycline. So I've been on it for a week and theres no improvement of course, it has gotten worse a
  18. all I can tell you is that fish oil (omega 3) is extremely beneficial to your skin
  19. the biggest reason it that gamers are teenagers and young adults. That age group gets acne. But it's also because people who play gaes alot tend to lead unhealthy lives. I know I did when I gamed a lot. And I was depressed because of my skin, but I didn't know what to do and used it as a sort of escape mechanism. For the few hours I played every day I was free from any judgement of other people.
  20. lol don't be scared of depression dude. It won't happen
  21. I have mild acne and just went to a walk in clinic doctor. She prescribed me antibiotics easily. I doubt he will be hesitant, just tell him that it really effects you emotionally and makes you constantly depressed.
  22. Going on holiday so I'm going to be wearing sunscreen on my face A LOT. Probably will have it on all day every day, having to reapply it throughout. I'm wondering if I leave it on all day until I wash my face at night (dont want to wash my face too much) if there any chance it can aggravate my acne? I'm using neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch spf 30. will it cause acne or just leave unaesthetic white film on my face? help appreciated
  23. complete and utter bullshit how is dry lips and a bit of redness comparable to having completely destroyed self esteem? go on accutane and you won't regret it at alll... its like a miracle
  24. Holy sh** haha, I also started sprouting lentils. I eat a bunch every day, they are a complete protein so its like eating meat.