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  1. The second post in this thread did it =))) Something like "Biz Markie - Vapors" cheers me up.
  2. I am prescribed Enap (Enalaprili maleas) for my blood pressure. Any thoughts how would it affect my skin/scars?
  3. IMHO, we are quite far. Like you said- we have shuttles and touchscreen phones. I think it depends how much of acne sufferers actually end studying dermatology, because rest of the world is concerned about next video card, tastier coke and faster car. Acne is like taboo to the rest of the world, so are acne scars. It would take diamond balls to expose this problem, like at some scientists conference, or some deputy to suggest 100% government covered acne treatment. I look at this forum as docum
  4. Nope. I`ll ask my family doctor next time I visit her. But probably it has same effect as apple cider vinegar, whatever the effect is, because that calcium chloride is sour too, and un-tasty.
  5. xn.


    On the Physical side: Got the cream the derm recommended- Bioderma DS Light, supposedly would help against my heat flushes on cheeks, and I think it did. I thought the derm could be somewhat affiliated with the distributors. Its now 4th month and 1 week on ROA. Will upload pics when Im on other PC. I have post inflammatoy hyperpigmentation mostly, new pimples are rare, very rare, like one or two a week, and those are shallow. Got blackheads on nose, some on forehead, but not inflammed. Lots of
  6. Lets see: buying cleanser nowadays is ~ 20 USD moisturizer is ~ 30 USD Of course you must have different cleansers and creams at hand, so that your skin doesnt get used to one product, and different products have different purpose (ex.- cant use AHA each day). I am one of those since puberty people.
  7. I have done it. I agree, the needle must be clean. I did it in the bathroom, rinsing my hands and soaping needle. The times when I did it- there was so much pus that it immediately started gushing out. I look at it like releasing the pressure, contrary to picking around a pimple with my nails/fingers hoping (and hoping and applying force) the pore wall will break and stuff could leave.
  8. I take 15mg twice a day (totaling 30mg a day). My redness`es heal quicker and seem to dry quicker. I wish I knew this earlier.
  9. Yeah. We most def get to know what scars she had and what the outcome was. NOT! (IMHO she had some wrinkles filled) Instead we get to know how good this doctor is. I wouldnt paint all black and white, but your story sounds true =)
  10. I agree with gentle approach. And taking accutane for a year and as an anti-age pill? That doesnt sound reasonable IMNSHO, because it is somewhat poison and your body must fight it (liver breaking that stuff apart), and this exaustes body resources. If you were on accutane before youll know about tiredness. There will be IB, IMHO the severity varies on the state of your pores at the moment. I am on 10 mg myself and I noticed *tane works stronger if I take oily'er food. I would say I had a slight
  11. I liked it alot. Sad they dont have it here always in drug store. I do reccommend it, its good while on accutane.
  12. Your skin looks very healthy. If you want to cry, look at my pics =)
  13. Odd how some areas of her skin didnt get affected at all, or at least some inflammations seem fresh, over otherwise good surrounding skin. I wouldnt say its 100 % acne vulgaris.
  14. There, I said it. =)

  15. I think I need to slow down with this. I am getting those heat flushes, and my skin is micro peeling, quite irritated and dry. I guess this may be due to my moisturizer, I think it has some alchohol in it, and it has salicylic acid, low %, but still no-no while on ROA. So I have 2 moisturizers which arent suitable for my skin ATM =(. I hate to ask my mom money for this. I have to make an appointment with derm, have 4 pills left. Maybe I will quit it right here, maybe take 1 pill per 2 days, if t
  16. Hey man. I must admit you got hit by acne in some areas harder than me. I had long hair several times during my life, and I found sometimes it made my skin worse. My hair got greasy fast and too much and frequent shampoo wasnt good. My advice- shave all off =) Beard too, and keep the beard short. I know- less hair will expose your scars more, but for the sake of skin health... its a dilemma. After *tane course your skin is fragile and you must delay all scar treatment plans for 6 months. Mean
  17. Everything you said is very familiar. You should look into hobbies, your real hobbies that really appeal to you, and try to make your career along them. For me they are computers, probably photography now and playing basketball (in summer). And as somebody else said: dont let things you cant hold you back from things you can do. Focus on what you can, and want. Want to see clowns? Go to the circus. Want pizza today? Go to cafe and order it, preferably with some other stuff you havent tasted befo
  18. Careful with that fish oil, it may have A vitamin in it, in high amounts, and that is a no-no on *tane.http://www.acne.org/messageboard/AMVC-spon...ng-t259206.html
  19. xn.


    Really not very insightful from teacher to ask smth like this.
  20. xn.


    Watch "7 years in Tibet" you most def will see some scarring, the light is not to his advantage there. But IMO he did some treatments, couldnt tell he has scars in his latest movies.
  21. xn.


    1: How old were you when you first started to notice you had acne? How old are you now? 12 years old. I`m 26 now. 2: Did it develop overnight, or did you gradually start breaking out with acne over a period of time? I was 12, shortly before my 13th birthday and exactly during the easter holidays I was hit with hard cyst. From thereon my skin has never been normal. 3: How would you classify or describe your acne, when it was (or is currently) at it's worst? Severe cystic. On a class photo,
  22. xn.

    3M+2W ROA

    I wish my skin was better now. Getting random pimple here and there, but overall my skin is in "suspicious" state. Not looking very healthy, and sometimes it feels like the oilyness returns, and of course there is a lot of dryness too. Overall- irritated and not lively. Been pretty cold here, no snow here yet, but its cold even inside. Been eating less natural green stuff , I need to take care of this. Restocked my zinz supplement and vitamine E. I bought vitamine D too, pale clouds here for