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  1. I finished Roaccutane course in January. But here I am, just washed my face 2 times in a row and I have lots of acne again. Actually planning to go to make a call to derm, make a visit, go on 2nd course? I pretty much have to wash my face 3 times a day now, super oily.

    I know what you say, my face was also clean *during* the course, and some 2-3 months after. But everything comes back.

  2. Hello ;)

    I am going to abertay in scotland and studying computers arts ;)

    I love to draw, sculpt, and do 3D art on the PC .

    I understand about smiling and how it makes people react but it's real hard, it's not natural for me anymore as I havn't smiled in years.

    Awesome! I am at Newman in Birmingham studying primary teaching specialising in Art! I love drawing and painting but my teacher says I need to challenge myself so I want to work on digital art. I want to buy a MacBook but unfortunately I do not piss money. What computer do you use for yours? Can you show us some of your art?

    That is tragic that you havent smiled for years! Try watching this without smiling...

    You spoiled my mood with that vid.

    Whats up with Try watching this without smiling?

  3. I was thinking today... BIODERMA, BIOSCREEN, BIOTHERM... these all are brand names. You think add BIO infront and you have a miracle product on the exit? Unlikely. This BIOSKINCARE line looks suspicious, no creme can fix scars, at least Ive never heard of it, and you see I know three other BIO brands (in fact im using Bioderma cleaner and moisturizer http://www.bioderma.com/en/nc/the-products...ategory/55.html , its sold at the drug store so all`s safe)

  4. Speaking of funerals and music:

    A musician of more ambition than talent composed an elegy at

    the death of composer Edward MacDowell. She played the elegy for the

    pianist Josef Hoffman, then asked his opinion. "Well, it's quite

    nice," he replied, but don't you think it would be better if ..."

    "If what?" asked the composer.

    "If ... if you had died and MacDowell had written the elegy?"

  5. Temporary solution for nerves- alchohol, beer, wine, cider.. pick your flavour.

    You could buy some "sleep syrup" at drug store, they are on herbal basis. Also you could buy sedating pills "for nerves" at drug store, most are on herbal basis + some vitamin, thats why they are given without prescription.

    A lot of anti-depressants and similar drugs mess your libido (at start of the course), but Ill agree about exercising, which in turn will increase the sex drive in long term.

  6. oh wow, how intresting, ive heard about it but myself never died in dream myself pfft

    You kidding? I have been stabbed, drowned, buried in a building due to earthquake, fallen into lava, crashed in car, shot, exploded, chopped body parts... in dreams.

    hahaha..lucky i didn't die in my dream...it is worse than when i die in real life

    This made some weird sense. ;)

  7. I see you are new to this board, you have a lot of time ahead reading this forum...

    Doctors often dont know sh*t, when my derm told me those "cavities" will heal i questioned her experience in this field; and when my family doc tried to calm me down with "everybody has it la la" this didnt cheer me up either (because I went with her son in same class and he didnt have acne. Doc = LIAR).

    Maybe you have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) ? In general- stay out of the sun and use moisturizer that is suitable for your skin.

    But if you have indents its not so easy, takes a lot of time and courage to live.


    When I look at the gallery I know Im not alone in this:


  8. Tv, videogames, books, those are forms of escapism.

    Hey, this is exactly what I thought, cause at some point you will come back to your life. Anime, movies, games, music, linux- I have been through all this and on a deep level, but I have to come back to this thing called "life".

    And like you said- "Do I know these people? What do they mean in my life anyway? Why do I think I have to impress them, seek their approval?" Fuk dem, cause I dont give a ...

  9. Hypnosis? I was thinking about it recently. Some time ago I would say no-no, that sh*t is weird, Id never do it, etc, but now... Im considering.

    I think you cant perform it on yourself? It must be the therapist that lurks around your subconcious and you are convulsing in that comfy chair and screaming "hot hot hot" and he/she counts to 3...2...1 and you wake up, grasp a deep breath, smile and say "what happened"? Like in the movies, you know?

  10. -I hate touching things that people always touch(doorknobs, others pencils ect.)

    Same for me. I was at some friends house and he offered me to check my facebook via his PC, but I refused, because the PC was a lag and the keyboard was dirty. When I enter/leave the store I try to grab the lower part of doorknob, which I think less people touch (preferably with my gloves when its winter).

    -I dont touch my cats

    Sometimes I do, but when I touched dog or cat I have this mindset that I can now touch other unimportant dirty things like socks, broom to clean my room, etc. But I will have to wash/rinse my hands before I touch something important, like hair, clothes I wear, etc...

    - The towel i wash my face with can NEVER touch anything but my face

    Yep, I have separate towel for face drying after I have washed. I have another for hands. When the facial towel is dirty enough- it becomes hand towel, then it is washed and rotation repeats.

    - I hate it when i accidentally touch my face

    I dont hate it but I try not to touch it without a reason, its quite rare in general.

  11. Man, you realise you posted 2 pics of cute girls? By ugly, if there is no such thing, please, open google images and type "ugly", and see how the results will fit among Paris Hilton and Megan Fox (Paris is more my type).

    Everybody is cute in some way, I know it, because I had some feelings for a girl a lot of people wouldnt call conventionally pretty.

    The problem with "ugly" is like with everything linguistic, it is not an exact science. You cant measure it, it depends on the viewer. I`d rather use "not my type" than "ugly". I could say ilness makes you more towards unatrractive in someones eyes, but not for everybody as ubergeneralized term ugly suggests.

    And for scars I`d like to think as traces of pain leaving the body. There once was acne, but now its gone. The body won. :)

  12. People sometimes disrespect me because i am alone and they have someone. So they figure if nobody likes/loves him i don't have to either.

    Hey, this is so about me, coming from a family where my father wasnt sure I was his biological son, so I thought he went- well I dont know love him or beat him, and I figure my mom picked his behaviour, and then it rolled like a snowball over my life.

    I imagine peoples reactions/questioning when they would see somebody with me: You are with HIM??? PHEEEEWWW.

    Luckily Im kind of met a girl (dunno where its going) whos stronger than that and her life isnt silk, pearls and petals either.

    How do you fix it?

    Yeah, how?

  13. I try to build MY circle of friends. When I sit together somewhere face to face it is unavoidable they "scan" my face, I notice it, and I let them. I mean, I cant ask them to stop checking my skin, right? Right. Time by time they will get bored of it themselves and pay more attention what I said or did, rather just my skin. My skin stands out, but this is not everything about me.

    Yeah, and I will let people one by one into this friends circle of mine, not everybody at once.