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  1. xn.


    Its been a long time. I stopped coming here when the site moved to web 2.0 design. 2010-2011 I spent a lot of time here. Now, though, there is little to gain for me here. Reading other`s posts just reminds me of my own past and current hardships. There is so much pity, that, as someone else said, when you repeat yoourself over and over it gets old. The staff tries to keep this a positive place. One of my own negative threads and posts in one thread were removed. I understand that, its a busine
  2. Are you asian? (I see from your avatar). I heard through the internets that there is some hate towards asian-races in Australia. Like US has stressful terms with mexicans and Baltics with Russians. Nothing to do with your acne, just things are like that, by default. Stay strong.
  3. Please give me your opinions. This is the anonymous internet, so tell me your thoughts, whatever they are, please. I want to know how people view me.
  4. They probably made up their opinions about me. Im tired pretending. Im unstable now, I know whats it like sending emails in middle of night.
  5. I finished Roaccutane course in January. But here I am, just washed my face 2 times in a row and I have lots of acne again. Actually planning to go to make a call to derm, make a visit, go on 2nd course? I pretty much have to wash my face 3 times a day now, super oily. I know what you say, my face was also clean *during* the course, and some 2-3 months after. But everything comes back.
  6. A cyst is basically a big pimple... deep, with lots of pus (yellowish white stuff in it). I bet you had some of those.
  7. xn.

    Which country you from?

  8. xn.

    Hey, I watched 500 days of Summer as I saw in one of your posts. Great movie. Curious, you felt sort of like that male.. or female?

  9. xn.

    Sex and the City

    LOL. Touchē. You might want to evolve this idea.
  10. Maybe we get a decrease/disadvantage in one aspect, skin, and get an increase/advantage in some other aspect (maybe). I just havent found my "advantage" yet.
  11. Awesome! I am at Newman in Birmingham studying primary teaching specialising in Art! I love drawing and painting but my teacher says I need to challenge myself so I want to work on digital art. I want to buy a MacBook but unfortunately I do not piss money. What computer do you use for yours? Can you show us some of your art? That is tragic that you havent smiled for years! Try watching this without smiling... You spoiled my mood with that vid. Whats up with Try watching this without s
  12. xn.


    Kraftwerk - Model. Really. Im jealous, even tho I shouldnt, but I am.
  13. Man, thats some rude-nasty-ignoring paint work. You really wanna post this picture? I wouldnt in eternal eternities.
  14. xn.


    I guess I have to write an update. Been some 4 months since ROA course. Sometimes I get clustered pimples on my chin, you know those small ones with pus... they go away with little pressure and/or during washing. My nose is super oily. Sun is hot here, I was outside a lot yesterday and immediately had to "pay". Staying in the shadows helps overall... so thats my tactics against sun. But still have to go outside make my life. Psychiatrist offered me Serdolect, 4 mg. You know, maybe this isnt ju
  15. I was thinking today... BIODERMA, BIOSCREEN, BIOTHERM... these all are brand names. You think add BIO infront and you have a miracle product on the exit? Unlikely. This BIOSKINCARE line looks suspicious, no creme can fix scars, at least Ive never heard of it, and you see I know three other BIO brands (in fact im using Bioderma cleaner and moisturizer http://www.bioderma.com/en/nc/the-products...ategory/55.html , its sold at the drug store so all`s safe)
  16. @Lipslikesugar22 -wonderful good read this test analogy ^^
  17. Temporary solution for nerves- alchohol, beer, wine, cider.. pick your flavour. You could buy some "sleep syrup" at drug store, they are on herbal basis. Also you could buy sedating pills "for nerves" at drug store, most are on herbal basis + some vitamin, thats why they are given without prescription. A lot of anti-depressants and similar drugs mess your libido (at start of the course), but Ill agree about exercising, which in turn will increase the sex drive in long term.
  18. Is it only me that thinks that woman is a bia7ch? And I had back acne like that too.
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYNJK5sHHeo Ill agree about Bob Marley; I advise everybody to listen to some reggae and dub (check Mad Professor).
  20. Where was God? Seriously, how fair was that?
  21. xn.


    Man, your acne is really... imaginated ;p
  22. You kidding? I have been stabbed, drowned, buried in a building due to earthquake, fallen into lava, crashed in car, shot, exploded, chopped body parts... in dreams. This made some weird sense.