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  1. So your derm let you go on a second course even if it was mild? I'm just scared my derm will say ''oh don't worry, just put [insert random topical] this on your skin and wait 3 months to see if it helped or not'' ...that's so his style! I remember the first time I saw him I literally said ''okay I tried everything, just give me accutane.'' I had to beg him on my knees to get it So begging for a second course is quite dangerous Oh well..seems like your skin is getting awesome pretty fast H
  2. I'm so happy for you I remember reading your log while I was accutane and you were giving me so much hope! I remember reading Jennyband's aswell I'm in the same boat as you, I might need a second course if I keep breaking out like this...How long after accutane did it take for you to break out? Anyway...seeing your fast results are making me less scared to take it again!
  3. Ow....I think it's coming back It's been almost 8 months since I've finished Accutane, and few weeks ago I started getting some small pimples (but big enough to be called a pimple), maybe 2-3/ per week...I've been trying to ignore it but they seem to get bigger and bigger everytime. It's so weird because I've been crystal clear for 7 months, nothing, not even an imperfection and Boom! I started getting those. And today a new one is making it's way and it's bigger than ever ;___; I'm so scared m
  4. I'm in the same boat as well! I've been getting really small pimple on my jawline since I've finished (it's been 2 months and a half now). I'm worried too but I guess looking at your skin closely in the mirror everyday is the worst thing you can do. Chill out, don't worry about it and take care of your skin because now you have a normal person's skin I guess...
  5. Hey guys, it's been almost 2 months and a half I've finished my course on accutane. I was totally clear during the last 5 months (I had a 9 months course...I know, pretty long ), but now since I've finished I'm getting tons of tiny pimples on my jawline, has anyone experienced this? Anyway, it doesn't really bother me, I just hope it doesn't get worse I don't want to go through this all over again. I've been applying differin religiously everynight because my derm said it would help with the ti
  6. Hey it's been a long time since I didn't come here...I've been clear overall ever since my last post, even under Thailand and Vietnam's extreme humidity. Except one little detail: I stopped smoking 2 months ago and I started getting really tiny whiteheads on my jaw line. I can't figure out if it's because of accutane or because the toxins in my body are coming out of my pores because I quit smoking (ex-smokers often call those quitzits!). I can deal with that, if it stays tiny Anyway, I'm post
  7. Hey thanks for checking out on me! I stopped breaking out at beginning of month 4. I've had like...3 pimples since then and they were small and came out at unusual places (like my forehead of cheeks..I never break out there). The clogged pores just disappeared on their own.
  8. Hey guys! Thanks but I still have pimples from time to time (like every two weeks, on my cheeks instead of having them on my chin, the usual spot) and I've still have scars and redness!! The last pic I posted I had some make up on, that's why it looked almost perfect don't be fooled
  9. I don't know about the rest of my course...I still have to talk to my doc about that. He don't want me to go higher than 40 mg (I'm at 30mg right now) so I guess I still have 3 months~ish to go. Not that bad! I've been pretty clear since 3 weeks now except that big fucker on my cheek that appeared 2 days ago anyway my life is so busy right now with all my preparations for my trip to care about little things like that! Better for me! Don't worry, you can have a party way before accutane ends bec
  10. Week 16, day 2 Hello theeeeeeere! Its been a long time since I updated..and Im thrilled to announce that I havent got a new pimple in almost 3 weeks...amazing. Except an inflamed blackhead from an old cyst who doesn't want to go away. Seriously, I couldn't care less since it's been the first time in ages that I've seen my skin this clear. Of course, I still have a lost of red marks but I'm confident they'll go away with time...I really cleared overnight. Everyone that read this, don't give up,
  11. Month 4, day 14 (So beginning of week 15) WOW It's been almost 1 week and a half since I haven't had a new breakout !!! YAY!! Such a breath of fresh air. I can finally calm down and focus on something else...for example, my weight. Hahahaha. I've gained something like 2kg since I started my course so I'm gonna try to lose some...funny how when the acne goes away I start focusing on something else. That's when you realize acne is only about self-esteem and you're never gonna be happy with yourse
  12. Thanks molizzie and electric lady Yeah in Canada we're lucky to avoid the ipledge at least Don't worry your turn will come sooner or later!
  13. Hey, have you heard about justin bieber becoming the new proactiv star? hahahaha. HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE ONE ZIT! Bullshit! And I so understand the thing with your friends complaining about a little zit. One of my friend told me the other day ''OH I've got so much acne on my forehead, I didn't go out yesterday because I felt so down about it.'' And yeah, I checked her forehead and I swear she had..like...1-2 tiny pimple she could hide with her bangs. COME ON, LOOK AT ME AND FEEL GOOD AGAIN OKAY? A
  14. Hey good luck on your course. It's gonna be difficult to keep track of your progress with blurry pictures though
  15. Hey! I still drink on the tane, but not that often. I didn't have any prob with my blood test...for now, so I think you can still enjoy a beer since it's pretty hard to stop drinking because it's part of our social life Beware of the hangover though hahaha much tougher for the system.