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    Wow, straight up its been like a month and i don't even worry about waking up with acne anymore, not only this my skin is well balanced and i think over time i have found a miracle cure Morning and night after shower i pour maybe 30 mls of my ACV mix ' 30% ACV 70% water, into my hand and splash/rub it over my face.... FAST EASY and smell disipears after like 30 seconds I also take 1 Tablespoon of ACV DILUTED!! in a BIG cup of water before breakfast and dinner I don't use facewash anymore, i don
  2. pedrolewis2010

    2 weeks good,

    2 weeks good,

    Good...... been 2 weeks now and i make green tea kombucha..... will update when i can initially i was getting much phlem and crap cough up i think thats body ridding of crap
  3. WOW so i am 24, buff, fit, 75ish KG and have struggled since 17 with acne (yes it hit me late) anyway i have tried everything every diet, clense, product, eating cycle YOU NAME IT you know what.......... i gave up, literally!!!!, well i mean gave up caring what i ate Then it hit me, why do i get acne and not my mates, my mates with sh%t diets. Why am i allways hungry but it seems my friends only eat a few times a day? - i think because when you get acne you try to "eat rig
  4. why does my acne ,and skin allways improve at night like 5.30pm -8am my skin is fairly beautiful later its not??!
  5. yes i am on accutane but this is my acne attached, any ideas on what i actually have i know i have very red hands- poor circulation??? like they are always red, and you touch them and they turn white where you touch them, temporaraly i have been on accutane for about 43 days now -40mg a day, anyway i never had forhead acne before accutane in fact my skin overall is worse with it, but its slowly healing itself a anyway check my pics, can you telll me about the above re constant red hands ??? p
  6. like has anyone elce done this?????? ps: sukin organics foaming facial cleanser at nite with 4 drops of jojoba oil mixed in I've read that the Dr. Hauschka line does not recommend using a moisturizer at night because this prevents your natural oils from "taking over."
  7. hey i have now been on accutane for a a month/ 45days, and i have noticed it clears way more at night, i do wake up and i can see the diff, sure i am more flaky in spots but i think thats good, anyway i now dont moisturise/ and wash with organic oils only at night the skin will heal i recon, and mabye every few days i will moisturise during the day but not 24/7 like we tend to ps i take 20mg at b/fast and 20mg at dinner