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  1. Does finacea work in the same way as Retin A? My complexion is much better using retin a & 10% aha lotion but it is very annoying having a cobweb face every morning, and im not sure how effective it actually is other than giving a brighter complexion, is doesnt really stop acne much i dont think?
  2. Hmm im still getting some cystic ones along my jaw and some mild ones on my cheeks so maybe 200mg would help shift these? lja08 - i think we all desire wash and go skin! don't think ill ever EVER have this. Even after roaccutane my skin has never been 100% perfect. It depresses me as it makes me feel so ugly and im not exactly beautiful facial wise anyway. I recent read somewhere that skin is your number 1 accessory, then its your hair. So I bought some curlers in a vain attempt to look
  3. Hi lja08 - thanks for your post! What dosage are you on? I think my results came around week 7 when it suddenly improved - but this also was partly because retin a left me with alot of bad red marks that took ages to fade, and then started using aha lotion which helped, and then also after my exams finished i saw further improvement - stress and tiredness not being the cause but i think perhaps being the reason why some of the acne was being so stubborn to clear up. I have had 4 courses of accu
  4. Hey Feebedel, what doage are you presently on & are you seeing any further improvements or clear now? We sound quie similar, after having fortnightly periods i kept expecting my period to come, and then i spotted abit on 2 occasions, then expecting it to come but then it never did. I cant complain about no periods to be honest! But my boobs have gone back to normal size which is a shame! In terms of the depression I think going up to 20mg will probably be a good idea for me too. Were you
  5. Hi all, I am still at the same level of results as when i last posted. My skin still has ALOT of small spots, but they are nowhere near as bad as they were before. There is still a long way to go though. I also have quite bad texture looking skin with alot of wide open pores, some of which are scars that look like giant holes, and my face still likes to absorb every spec of dirt into all of the pores. Thinking about buying some mineral make up as i think this would make it look vastly better
  6. Grr it cleared abit after my period but now ive had another big outbreak across my jaws, notably worse on the right side, plus afew on my right temple too. They were sore to touch ones that were too painful to squeeze. Its so strange, I think its hormonal. At least my cheeks are pretty clear, the acne was so obvious there before! It keep thinking its was pre-menstrual breakout as to begin with i was having fortnightly periods. but my last period had a month gap, & only finished last sunda
  7. Retin a gives an awful initial breakout for about 6 weeks, then your skin should start to improve. But you must use it consistently, every night. Maybe having a night off when your skin is extremely dry/irritated at first, or avoiding those patches. It takes around 6 weeks for your skin to stop flaking crazily. My skin looked horrific for this period but I guess it was probably no worse than before, just looked worse because it was dry & sore & lots of dark red marks became more obvi
  8. I think youre choice of mild face wash is good, especially if using any harsh topicals. I am a fan or organic but many of these products contain oil which breaks me out. Im now using a Simple facewash which doesnt have sodium laureth sulphate or any parabens in it. Have you tried anti biotics? The problem with acne is that using topicals is not a solution only a band aid. I am using retin a but only as maintenance, dont rely on it or anything. Also aha lotion to fade red marks & exfoli
  9. When I had my first round of accutane i went on dianette then yasmine but i had to come off it as I was piling on serious weight, & then my acne came back. accutane works but is not permanent. 10 years later & in the meantime Ive had 4 courses of accutane - slightly less effective each time & acne returns quicker - only a temporary solution. Only recently have I discovered spiro which is doing wonders for me I just wish I'd heard of it earlier & intend to stay on it long term.
  10. My hyperpigmentation would just not fade until i started using 10% aha morning & evening then they just suddenly faded. maybe that would help with your marks too?
  11. Yes! its still a little up & down but noway near as bad as before! period has just come so had another jawline outbreak like overnight, & just had some stressful news so we shall see if the skin will stay resilient!
  12. I dont think I have lost any weight. I lost a few pounds water weight, but i thought maybe it is making me put weight on a little in fat terms, but this is not too bad or i might be imagining it as i have been gradually put some weight on anyway ever since coming off contraception injection just over a year ago. still working out loads to keep it at bay. love the bigger boobs though haha! skin is so much nicer to touch barely lumpy at all, just afew jaw spots to clear & cheek ones have dr
  13. Update - skin is clearing up nicely day by day since the outbreak from dosage increase. and i havent had a period for a few weeks now (was fortnightly for a while), but boobs have grown (not a bad thing!) & nipples are tender from the hormone change. Just waiting for the last marks to clear up now, skin is looking alot better overall. Very pleased with this! Still using 10% aha lotion day & night (nearly all other moisturisers seem to break me out & make my skin oily during the day
  14. i think you may have a breakout not becuase you switched to aldactone,but because you went up to 150mg. its very common to have a breakout after upping your dosage because your body has to adjust yet agian to regulate hormones. just my input hope it helps Thanks! I hope that is all it is - broken out all on my lower cheeks, jawline, & neck mainly - I guess time will tell! very annoying though!
  15. Ever since switching to Aldactone I have had a massive breakout again, despite moving up to 150mg. Has anyone else found this? I dont know whether to switch back to spiro generic now! does anyone know if brand makes a difference?