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  1. Yeah, if you're on the internet, there's no reason why you need to find an alternative product really. Just order it from the US. Normally, even after p&p etc you still get more mls per pound than you do here so its worth it. I know what you mean about finding this site. I've had acne for years and just put up with it. Only in the last year did I do a search about it and found this site. Well worth it, because my skins now more clear than its ever been. Currently using dans bp gel, cetaphil
  2. I don't like the way the eucerin feels (too creamy!). Feels too much like sun block. I'm on the look out for an alternative. I like the way the nivea for men one feels but I don't think its non-comedogenic.
  3. omg. The first time I've heard of this. I dunno why anyone would want surgery to make a wrinkle in their eyelid.
  4. Hi, I got these on one side of my jaw. Little white bumps. I only notice them though when I squash up my skin and give my self a double chin. They are strange and I'm not sure when they started or if it was the bp that caused it. Only seem to be on one side of my face too which is weird.
  5. Hi Corrine, I noticed this on my eyes. They got all puffy and doubled over with a big crease. Took almost a week to get them back to normal. I was putting bp under my eyes without even thinking about it. Now I put a bit of moisteriser on my eyes before putting my bp on, but am careful to avoid my eyes with the bp. Just put the moisteriser on, just in case!
  6. Hi, anyone use a special tool/technique or product for getting blackheads out? The only way I've manged to get them out is by pushing my nostrels upwards, and the result is very gross! Still can't get to the areas around the nostrels or cheeks.
  7. I see. How long have you been on it now and have you tried bp? I reckon it would clear you up good.
  8. Whats diannete then, a bp gel?
  9. Yep, its all legit, just annoying. They play it like 2 or 3 times in one break.
  10. Read that wrong. I thought you were on about soup!
  11. Like everyone else has said. Looks like irritation. I'd give the bp a rest for a day or two, and if you can, don't put any make up on either (maybe at the weekend or something). Moisturise your face only and just let it heal for a couple of days. Then you can go back to your regimen when your skin is less irritated.
  12. If you apply it the way Dan shows in his videos it will feel more like you're applying too much, not too little. But just keep working it around your face and your skin will eventually absorb it. I went from using 10% bp, and it took me about 4 weeks before I saw any results. Just started breaking out again though because I stopped using it when I was ill.