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  1. Hi, I didn't really know where to put this, but it concerns an antibiotic, so i put it here. I recently had wisdom teeth surgery, and recovery took about a week. During this time, my comedonal acne (especially these little bumps on my chin) greatly decreased. I am trying to narrow down the cause of this decrease in acne. Please don't mock my hygienic habits unless you have been through wisdom teeth surgery recovery. Here are the changes in lifestyle that could have contributed to the decre
  2. Actually I kind of want to try Vanicream again. I don't know why it would give me a breakout if cetaphil doesn't, and they both have cetearyl alcohol and ceteareth 20. Here are the ingredients: purified water, white petrolatum, sorbitol solution, cetearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, ceteareth-20, simethicone, glyceryl monostearate, polyethylene glycol monostearate, sorbic acid and BHT Is there anything else comedogenic in this formula? Could the breakout i experienced while using vanicream ha
  3. Hi, I have been using the acne.org regimen for probably about two years now. I use cerave hydrating cleanser, dans bp, cetaphil moisturizing lotion, and jojoba oil. The reason that my skin is not clear (mild-moderate instead of moderate-severe) is because i simply cannot use enough benzoyl peroxide. When i use 3 pumps of benzoyl peroxide, it takes about 2-3 weeks for my face to become so dry and raw that anything i put on it stings, which is how i think i developed some strange extreme sensi
  4. Hi, I have recently been searching for a glycolic acid/aha product to treat my comedonal acne as well as red marks. Unfortunately, I am either very sensitive to or allergic to cetyl alcohol and can't seem to find many products without it. Lac-Hydrin, Amlactin, Dans AHA, Alpha Hydrox, etc. all have cetyl alcohol. The one product i have found is Aqua Glycolics cleanser. I was wondering if anyone approved of this product or could make any other recommendations. Thanks!
  5. Thanks so much for the help guys. I actually did come across DML when I was researching, so i will look more into that as well as the Mint White Tea Moisturizer. I just tried Udderly Smooth cream (made for cow's Utters), and, of course, that stung as well. I think I might be allergic to something. Thanks again for the responses!
  6. Well, I have now tried Moisturel (for sensitive skin). It immediately made my skin red and it burned. I cant believe i might have to quit the regimen because Dan's old moisturizer (the only thing that every worked) has been discontinued.
  7. Thanks for the reply! I do add jojoba oil to any moisturizer i use, and it is very helpful. I don't think its enough to be my primary moisturizer. I have tried building up a tolerance to cetaphil, but my face just stings more and more every time.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I think any amount of cetaphil would give me a reaction though. I tried using vanicream cream and lotion for about a week as well as cerave hydrating wash. The wash has seemed to significantly alleviate they dryness I was having. The vanicream moisturized well, and at first it seemed to be perfect. However, it has been giving me many small comedones and gave me a reaction after about a week. I need a good moisturizer for extremely sensitive skin. Please help! Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, I have found both a suitable cleanser (purpose) and treatment (BP) that seems to be working in clearing my skin. However, i can't find the right moisturizer. I have been using Cerave despite the fact that it irritates my skin and creates bright red circles around my eyes. My skin was also becoming so dry that I knew it was time for something different. I tried both Dan's new moisturizer and Cetaphil cream. The new moisturizer did not irritate my skin but seemed not to moisturi
  10. Hello, I have been on the regimen for roughly half a year. Recently my face has almost cleared up. I must use 2 and a half pumps of BP to stop my acne. I also use the Cerave moisturizer and Acne.org cleanser. Unfortunately, my face is extremely dry to the point where i can barely move it. I have tried many things, including putting a ton of moisturizer on and cleansing for only a few seconds, but i still get extreme dryness and flakiness. What can i do to prevent this dryness? Any help woul
  11. I would really appreciate some more help. I have ordered a Carleys Clear and Smooth package. I should note that i have noticed i respond better to salicylic acid. Should i use treatments with only salycylic acid? Do you think my reaction to the BP (swollen eyes and face) was allergic or just sensitive skin and should i try it again? Should I continue to use exposed skin care? Any help is appreciated.