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  1. I was on Dianette (UK equivalent) for a year and it helped the severity of my severe/moderate acne loads. In the first few months of taking it, there were times when I was almost practically clear, minus the odd pimple here and there half way through my cycle. As time went on my body seemed to get used to it and it got a little worse again but it was still loads better than not on it. I'm on a different pill now though because my doctor said it's not good to be on it for too long. If this one do
  2. Hiya, no idea if you're still active on here or if you'll see this, but I was just wondering if you ever found out whether spearmint tea affects birth control? I'm wondering the same thing.
  3. I've recently read up on how spearmint tea can help hormonal acne, I've bought some, but I'm unsure/worried it will interfere with my birth control? I don't want to stop birth control as it does help, and I'm skeptical about the tea, but I also use it as a contraceptive. I was just hoping that the spearmint tea could help alongside the birth control? Opinions?
  4. I buy meat from local butchers, at first I ate only poultry, then I started eating pork and beef too. I take coconut oil for candida. I don't have very oily skin, sometimes my skin is dry, It has never been very oily. I don't have cystic acne/ nodules. My acne - rather small pustules and papules everywhere on my chin. cheeks, jaw, healing fast but forming every day. Hiya, I just stumbled upon this topic whilst researching acne diets. I'm not sure if you'll see this comment now seeing as this po
  5. I'm not on antibiotics anymore, I stopped taking them about 2 months ago because they made no difference to my skin at all in the entire 8 months I was taking them, and I knew being on antibiotics long term isn't good for you. I just haven't updated my skin care routine yet. And my Dr did tell me they make the pill ineffective as a contraception, I was still using condoms then. But they didn't make the pills ineffective at clearing my skin up, it's so much better than it was, but I still get a m
  6. I'm in a similar position, I'm on my 6th packet of Dianette and still getting massive breakouts. Most of the time it's about 70% - 80% clear but I always seem to have a massive breakout around ovulation time/mid-cycle. It's definitely improved my acne so I don't want to go off it, I was just hoping it would've cleared it completely. I'm thinking of asking to go on spiro as well next time I go to the doctors.
  7. So I'm on my 6th month of taking Dianette, and generally speaking my acne has improved a lot. It has nowhere near gone, but it's so much more managable, apart from the middle of my cycle, around the time of ovulation. Normally I just have a few spots and mainly blackheads (it's never 100% clear), but mid cycle, like right now, it's a pimple playground on my face. I've just had a massive picking session and I feel horrible, I've not picked this badly in a while. I was just wondering if anyone els
  8. I'm on Dianette which is practically the same thing.. I can't say I had an IB, but my skin definitely gets worse each month half way through the pack. I always seem to get nasty dumb cysts around that time, and then it clears up and is ok again. I'm currently recovering from one of those breakouts I finished my 3rd pack yesterday.
  9. Hey, I've just finished my 3rd pack of Dianette and I feel so much happier about my skin. I'd say I'm about 80% clear. I still have bad days but in general my skin is sooo much more manageable and it keeps improving. Luckily it hasn't affected my moods, I've felt quite happy on it. I have put on weight though, possibly because of an increased appetite.. I seem to always be hungry. I'm going on a diet as of this week though and seeing if I can lose it. I'm just praying that I can as I know a lo
  10. I haven't taken a picture but here's what's in my make up bag: (this is just my everyday stuff, I keep other stuff in a box in my drawer) Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions foundation Maybelline 24-hour Super Stay liquid concealer Rimmel SunShimmer matte compact powder (I'm currently tanned) Rimmel blush Avon liquid eyeliner Rimmel Glam'eyes Mascara Eyelash curlers Tweezers Brushes I'd be intruiged to see more UK girls post to see what products you all use to cover your acne!
  11. Definitely not severe. I'd say you have moderate acne.
  12. Have you considered that maybe all the treatments you're using has caused your pimple on your cheek? You said it's the first one you've had... maybe it's because of the irritation from the Benzaclin? Personally I think you're crazy to be loading your skin with loads of products. Everybody gets the odd pimple every now and again, and if you actually look at normal people in the street, they too will have a few comedones here and there. I would say your skin is BETTER than the average teen. WAY
  13. Maybe if the long term effects bother you that much then just switch straight to Yasmin or Ortho without a break or weaning yourself off them. But seeing as you have no side effects yet, I'd say it was worth giving it a go to get rid of it as some people have no side effects whatsoever, and then switch to something else to maintain. But if you're really really worried then maybe ask to switch when you've got your next appointment to put your mind at rest.
  14. I've been on it 2 months now, just finished my 2nd pack. For roughly just over a week my skin looked like it was clearning - I still had breakouts but not as many, and they healed quicker, and the general tone and texture of my skin was better. The bumps on my forehead have also cleared up and it's finally smooth (mainly) with just the occasional spot rather than constantly bumpy. In the past few days though it has definitely deteriorated, in general condition as well as breakouts. Minus my fore
  15. I'm in pretty much the same boat - even prescribed the same things throughout. I had mild acne at 14/15 and got rid of it for a few years with Zineryt then it came back soo much worse a couple of years later and then started on the antibiotics which I don't think have helped. My doc recently changed me from Tetralysal to an Erythromycin and Dianette combo because Tetralysal wasn't working at all. I have seen improvement, (until this week anyway where I've had a bit of a face explosion) but I'm