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  1. I just started month 4 and my acne goes in cycles. I always will have some but on the good days I can barely notice it, but about once a month it gets really bad. My dermatologist said the cycling should become more towards the good end during this month. I'm on 80mg a day... Also you mentioned you wanted to wait until winter to try again when symptoms were more manageable!? haha NOOO winter is the worst time since skins naturally drier this time of year. I would wait till summer or spring if yo
  2. ^ yeah thats what I do, Its been like 6 or something weeks and Im just now starting to get improvement *knock on wood*. But the fact that there is BP on my skin twice a day is going to kill the bacteria... whether it works for me or not is just life.
  3. I have oily skin, and Differin did nothing for me. Splashing water on my face had more of a positive effect on my acne than did Differin. It worked well for about 1 week, then nothing. Do you know what did work for me? Epiduo, which is a mix of 2.5% BP and 0.1% Adapalene (Differin). I know for a fact that it wasn't the adapalene that was helping, so I knew it was the BP, so I tried Dan's BP, and it's working well so far. Oh, well then that answers my question! haha. And to everyone else
  4. I just read something... not all acne is acne vulgaris related... so BP won't do anything... if its caused by over active oil glands then accutane/Retin-A and like diffrin would work because they shrink oil glands... I may be REALLY wrong but I read that on a different website and found it interesting...
  5. Why would it matter? BP is BP its gonna do the same no matter how fast you start. If it didn't irritate my face, then why would it matter how fast I started?
  6. ^ YES it should... I mean I'm on my like 5th week or something... and if anything my acne's gotten worse. Although it IS cheap. and the AHA+/bp combo works like a charm for back acne, at least for mine. I'm gonna start accutane pretty soon, and I'll probably use the regimen again for my face and back after I'm off that stuff. It probably works to some extent. But for moderate to severe acne the regimen just can't do it... theres no way...
  7. I was really skeptical too. Trust me... I had visited this site plenty of times and laughed at it. I had Retin-A! But then I realized that the Retin-A was loosing its effect because I was getting older and my acne was getting worse. So I went out and bought the neutrogena stuff and followed this for like a week. It worked pretty well... so I bought the cleanser and the treatment and the AHA in the smallest quantities I could get. The AHA did work pretty darn well... the BP was the same, it felt
  8. Dude, I think you should stick it out for another few weeks. Then try accutane. When your 50 you won't be worried about how your acne was... but there are some serious problems with accutane. Everything I've read (and experienced... right now as a matter of fact) says that week 4 is the worst and then its all up hill from there. For me week 4 happens to be my first week of school. Soooo yeaaah. But I figure once it gets better (after week 4) then no one will remember what I looked like the first
  9. I'm getting to four weeks right now... and last week (week 3) it got pretty good and then the beginning of this week it started getting bad again. I don't have any cysts or anything but I have a LOT of zits and its sucks big time. I guess I started the regimen a little too late in the summer which I'm kicking myself for right now because school starts tomorrow. I'm sorta scared its gonna get WORSE this whole first week of school. But I guess as you said it should get better after that. Hopefully
  10. Do you mean red marks as in previous acne that won't heal completely? I think since BP is a pretty big skin irritant that it probably make it harder for your skin to heal from the infections (which acne is essentially). So yeah... I think that the whole regimen is based on the fact of healing your skin after giving it hell with the BP, so try some aloe or high quality moisterizer...??? I'm not an expert by any means, I've been using a form of the regimen for about a week now, but I'm just spea
  11. I probably wasn't clear, but I meant that I was going to ween myself off of Retin-A onto the BP because it doesn't seem to get me CLEAR but it makes my acne better and I'm still sort of skeptical about the acne.org regimen. Once I see some better results I'll hide my RA tube and buy some of the stuff on here, until then though I'm keeping it around just in case. I figure if I don't see some results by the second week in september I'll just stick with Retin-A. Thanks!
  12. Yeah I swam 12 hours a week in indoor pools year round while on Retin-A. It sucked, but your skin is an organ and your body can adapt to pretty much anything. The suckiness will go away and it won't hurt, but your face will be red until your off the stuff for at least a month, maybe more. Although BP (I'm making an educated guess here...) will make your skin red too, soooo... Its up to you. I can say though that people don't care that your face is red 98% of the time. It just looks like you were
  13. I used a two blade razor I found in old drawer, it was unopened of course! But it must have been from the 80's. It was pretty neat but when I ran out of blades I bought the new Schick hydro with 3 blades. I couldn't resist the temptation of having moisturized skin AFTER I shave. And the so called skin guards looked pretty innovative. I've been using that every couple days for about two weeks now and it seems to have the same affect that my two blade did on acne... makes it slightly better as lon
  14. bigfish

    Schick Hydro

    Oh my god, I love this thing more than anything in the world! It works beautifully... well I've only tried the 3 razor version, but EXCELLENT job Schick! Makes your face feel like a cloud... I use foaming face cleanser to shave, and sometimes sensitive skin shaving gel.
  15. Hi! I've been getting pretty frustrated with my acne recently and have been on .1% Retin-A and various antibiotics for about a year more or less. For those of you who don't know its basically really bad sunburn in a tube. I worked my way up from .025%. For a while I had really clear skin but as I hit puberty more strongly my acne got a lot worse, I'd say moderate, but I still hate the days when I have crap all over my face (of course there are also those real lucky days when my skin looks ALMOST