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  1. If you are going to skip days, Im not sure what will happen. I have been on the regimen for two and a half years and I skipped days back in the early days and it sucked. My face got worse. If anything, try every few days only doing the BP at night. I do that full time now and it helps with flakiness. Also, get the jojoba oil if you dont have it. It will change your life bro.
  2. I have been using BP only at night for almost a year (did the actual regimen for a year and a half before that), and I am very happy about my results. I also only use 3/4-1 pump of the BP at night. I reduced the redness, flakiness, etc. It really makes a huge difference. I still get occasional spots and sometimes they get pretty bad, but I dont care. I can live with a couple days vs every day looking like a lobster that is shedding skin lol
  3. I have had this spot on my jawline for two years now. I also have used the regimen on it for two years, and nothing has happened. I have a picture attached. Im pretty sure its a hypertrophic scar, but I thought after two years it would go down. Any advice? Sorry its kind of blurry. Its at an awkward angle. I cant get a good picture with good lighting! It looks pretty bad. I normally just grow my facial hair out to cover it (which I know is bad for acne).
  4. I had the same problem with my neck. I realized I put BP on my chin area, which would come in contact with my neck when I looked down or something like that. Seriously. When I started trying to not have my chin touch my neck, my redness went away.
  5. Haha wow. I'm glad I sound like a girl in my post. Im definitely a guy. Oh well. Anyways, I really don't think there is an actual correct answer as far as the argument going on. Everyone has different skin types. I do agree that I should get off BP eventually, but I also will probably reduce it down to applying BP once a day. I'll just take both your advice slowly. Again, the regimen DOES work. It's just I'm about to start umpiring baseball and I am out in the sun anywhere from 2-8 hours a day.
  6. And yes, I do use jojoba oil. The only way I get rid of my flakes is to use so much oil that I look like a grease ball. Then it just runs down my face onto my neck. It's disgusting. I add a few drops, which helps! But not enough.
  7. Wow thanks for all the input everyone! I have to agree I am getting fed up and have thought about stopping. That's why I have reduced my BP to 1/2 to 3/4 a pump. Honestly, I'm just scared. A red face is better than a faceful of zits. I have looked up how people stopped using the BP, only to return when their face broke out. I'll probably wait until the summer when I don't see people everyday. (yeah that's probably shallow and insecure but oh well lol)
  8. I have been on the Regimen for a year and a half. My acne has gone away, though scars still remain. I have used only one pump of BP because my face flakes way to much with more than that. I mean, I was trying to put three pumps of mosturizer, then I would wait and put another 3 pumps and I still couldnt eat without massive flaking around my mouth/chin. I added AHA a month ago twice a week, and havent had one pimple since. However, since the beginning, my face has been extremely red everyday. I k
  9. That's what I thought too. But I can't seem to find a link between the occurrences. Like what triggers it.
  10. In the past 6 months, I have been experiencing something that is starting to worry me. It has only happened 3 times, but it is very strange. I get a red bump on my face that tingles and itches. I can feel it coming, and it lasts for ten minutes or so. The bump and about half an inch radius is red. Then, as quickly as it pops up, it goes away. It hasnt occured in the same spot on my face, and the three times it has happened have been very random. One in the early morning, one in the afternoon, an
  11. I emailed support and asked them what they think. Let's see if they respond. I have tried searching the boards and I couldn't find any information. I know if you apply the BP to your jaw and chin, some of it might run down (that might be you ilovesome). But I don't apply any to my jaw. Just my chin, and cheeks. Anyways, if I get a response, I'll post it here.
  12. And I forgot to mention, I never touch my neck at all. I dont rub it after I apply Moisturizer and when I put shirts on, I make sure it doesnt rub.. thanks
  13. Hello, I still cant quite understand why my neck flakes so much. I dont apply BP on my neck at all because I get no acne there. Everyday, I take a towel and rub off my neck because of all the flakes, then I apply moisturizer. After a year, I still get no acne even though I rub my neck with a towel. Does anyone else experience the flaking? I make sure not to touch my neck when I apply BP, and it doesnt run down to my neck. Any help would be appreciated. Im not sure what I am doing wrong to cau
  14. Hmm. I dont think I want to risk it. I used it as a spot treatment on my chin and now I have two red bumps that hurt when I move my mouth. They arent acne and I never break out where they are forming. I have read others experienced this with AHA. I am going to get off it. I have had success without it so I might as well stay off it. Thanks for the advice.
  15. I think I may be having the same reaction as you to AHA. I have been on the regimen a year, and I just applied AHA two days ago to my chin. Now I have two small red bumps that hurt insanely when I open my mouth to wide. They are half way between my chin and mouth. I normally dont get acne where they are located (my chin tends to break out lower occasionally). Did you just stop the AHA, and they went away? Im pretty sure my bumps arent acne because my acne has never hurt to the point I cant move