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  1. Im with you - Im also looking for (effective )ways to treat this type of scaring. I have entire patches that are dark from acne occurring over and over again in the same place on my face. >.< The only advice i have (and it's the most common) is exfoliate and sunscreen. Exfoliate chemically twice a week (ie papaya mask, AHA lotion, etc), and use 30spf pretty much every single day until you die. Not fun, but I watched a video with a makeup artist who basically said we're doomed to enhanc
  2. mama_bird

    *works~This is essentially what cleared my skin! *cheap *not chalky * I did have a bit of dryness for a while so definitely use a good moisturizer. *may pill up if you put your sunscreen over it too soon It sinks in well and doesn't leave a white cast. (Apply this to a damp face )This cream didn't irritate me as bad as other OTC BPs I've tried~that might be why it actually worked on me. I also never increased the dosage to more than a dime sized dollop for each problem area (for
    I love this scrub. I currently use it about every other day, but have gone through periods of using it every day without problems. It really helped to smooth out the texture of my skin. Can be used as a mask, too.
  3. mama_bird

    thin application greasy feel This would be great for people with dry or just non-oily skin. This looked really good on me for about 30 minutes. Bottom line: Don't use this if you have oily skin. This foundation feels heavy will make you look greasy. I wish I kept the receipt.
  4. mama_bird

    *no breakouts *claims to be for acne prone skin *creamy *good coverage *light weight *spf 15 uva/uvb *small amount in the tin *It may exaggerate flakiness if you have any. (I've used a tiny bit of vaseline underneath it just on flaky patches or raised crusty blemishes ~ works fine.) *limited color selections *does nothing to cut down on oils so use a good oil absorbing powder or primer that works for you. This is a foundation that has never broken me out.
  5. You know what I finally figured out?? -- After all the pain and active inflammation (not the actual bumps) go away from my acne, I stop using the BP and concentrate on using Salicylic Acid or AHA treatments. What I think is happening is that the BP does indeed kill the bacteria preventing more inflammation, but afterward the skin needs exfoliating to clear out the puss and plugs. BP will not help with that! It will only create dry, crusty, clogged skin that seems to not improve or even get
  6. oh ok. what is the name of it? so i know which not to use aswell Sure - its the Eucerin Daily Protection with spf 30. And I truly have not had any problems from this - which is strange considering. But yes,,, the ingredients aren't great.
  7. I tried to delete my post but... Sry, I was going to recommend something i was using for a while (and even having good luck with), but then i researched the ingredients and they're crap. =(
  8. **I'll preface this by saying I'm currently not using SA's everyday as I've been finding great results using a BP and AHA creams to spot treat and improve surface skin. But SA definitely has a place in my own regimen... **I've been using SA on and off for years. (Mostly when the BP would start to give me trouble is when I would switch to SA lotions. ) I use a 2% SA lotion ( which stings like crazy when i apply it! ), and the usual 0.5% SA lotion from the drugstore. This is what I have d
  9. plain glycerine is non-comedogenic with a rating of 0. It is commonly sourced from animal or plant matter. But there are other forms of glycerine (synthetic types sourced from non animal or plant material) that may have a rating of 1 up to 3. Here is a list where you can check out comedogenic ratings and irritations : http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm#inglist Its good to check your face care ingredients. ** i just realized this post is from years ago. lol. Oh well. Hop
  10. mama_bird

    very light absorbs shine doesn't cause breakouts Doesn't keep oils at bay It is sheer, just as it says. Works great alone for a tint of color but will not cover flaws. Overall its a good powder to try if you want light and shine absorbing. Use as a blotting powder only.
  11. Currently have several deep inflammations going on along the jawline. Sometimes I just don't know what sets it off. Been using SA more regularly and I find this to be less irritating/drying than the BP, as well as more effective than the BP (which is surprising to me). In the past I've never really had much luck or faith in SA. But I've pretty much stopped using the BP and started "overusing" the SA. Case in point: started applying 8 pumps of my CVS SA moisturizer at night time and by morn
  12. I was doing the oil cleansing for several months but like BMarieWantsNoAcne I also found it wasn't doing much for my deep cycstic acne. I Love how the oil made my skin soft but after a while my skin felt "heavy". I was using Jojoba oil, btw, and I've since changed my cleansing methods and gone back to Cetaphil. Personally, as someone with pretty oily skin I don't think ocm is a good idea to do everyday, especially if you're like me and have lazy skin that requires manual exfoliation everyday..
  13. I use the Eucerin Daily Protection w/ SPF 30. It feels pretty light, and the white cast goes away quite nicely. It doesn't aggravate my acne, which is good. I've also heard good things about the Cerave line too, although I havent tried it. (Sry this is a few days late) http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=10810941&findingMethod=rr
  14. As I understand it, the clearing up is more effective this way. Have i been wrong all this time?? Oh noes. I think I'll go research this. Other people have said the jojoba has caused them trouble too. Thanks for your insight here.=)