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  1. Hey you! You logged on today! :o

  2. oh yeah, I remember that! Silly me for cutting it out. I didn't know my face was so prone to blackheads. meh. It can't get here soon enough today!

  3. Oooh, yeah! Mychelle's serum is definitely one of my miracle workers. I posted a thread on it because shortly after using it, it was pushing out all my blackheads!

  4. Though I'm sure you won't, I don't recommend cutting out the mychelle serum. I made the foolish mistake of cutting it out this summer thinking I didn't need it, and was wondering why I was getting clogged comodones block pores blackheads blah blah etc like no end, and then I looked at my old pictures when I did use it, and nothing of the kind. Sad face :c

  5. Pho'ck Yeah! Pho King Awesome! :D Indeed, I am going to dine on some today. We should take pictures and post them in the thread, and spread this Pho King awesomeness. Jack is a good man :D

  6. Yeah, we're going into downtown and I begged Jack to take me to a pho vendor...he agreed! Thank goodness.I've gone too long without it!

  7. Your voice, it sounds so cool in that thread! Too bad I hate my voice, and shall never post it. :3 Just saying hi!

  8. Yeah, I'm probably just a germaphobe! The ingredients look pretty decent,too! Thanks for mentioning this product =)
  9. If you don't want to use birth control pills I recommend getting spermicide treatment to use along with the condom,perhaps get a copper IUD(there's complications with these), be aware of what times you're most fertile (fertility awareness). It's recommend to use two types of birth control, and birth control pills are definitely something to consider. I do understand a lot of people here are against using hormonal treatments,though. I've taken Plan B a long time go and did notice breakouts for a
  10. I'd worry about sanitation with those things. Can you list the ingredients? I know the only reason I used the burt's bees roll-on stick was because it was loaded with alcohol and tea tree oil, though your dead skin would collect in the bottle after a while. Icky. I even exfoliate a lot beforehand! So to prevent this, I rolled it onto to my finger instead of my face.
  11. I buy a lot of bar soap from Etsy sellers. I've never really found any acne products worth buying,though. My favorite body soaps: Dreaming Tree http://www.etsy.com/shop/DreamingTreeSoapwork?ref=ss_profile Abbey James http://www.etsy.com/shop/AbbeyJames?ref=seller_info
  12. that's hip and underground swag! It actually was a lot of fun, my friend dared me to run through the parking lot yelling "I HAVE A KINDLE AND I READ IT", and I did :3 Sadly, I wasn't dressed as a hipster, but that would have made an awesome video. Glad you are feeling better too :D

  13. @Vegan Sunrise Yeah, I've considered dropping meats altogether, but I do a lot of social events on weekends that include people bringing dishes. I also enjoy the occasional baked chicken in my stuffed pita.I eat red meat every couple of months in small amounts. I haven't felt the need to completely cut meat from my diet, but it's always something I'm open to. I really feel I need to take steps instead of jump right into a new diet. I'll definitely consider it a bit more intently with what you'v
  14. http://meandmydiabetes.com/wp-content/uplo...dainColor05.jpg This man doesn't look unhealthy to me, though obviously you can be unhealthy without it showing immediately. Not arguing, just confused as what attributes this man has to make you feel are signs of ill health?