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  1. This really worked for me too! I was a little hesitant at first and it did take a while but it really did work and now I have been clear for a few months! I was following Maddie on here and she was the one who encouraged me to use it because it worked for her. I have heard mostly good things about this stuff from here and other sites so there obviously really is something to it! I had even used accutane in the past and this worked better and was way better for me too! Unfortunately I do not
  2. Hello Red, I have tried every single topical out there for the last 7 years like proactiv, murad and everything at the drugstore. my doctor put me on retin a but i think i had an allergy to it. i have used tetracyclene twice and both times it only helped a really little bit. i think the reason that the dermacleanse works is because it is natural and has you take natural capsules that really detox you instead of medication that kills all the bacteria, and the topicals didn't dry me out and f
  3. Hi MH - I was hoping you'd post again to tell us how you are doing. I'm still not sure. I haven't had anymore realy bad breakouts but i'm still getting a few pimples. I think i'm going to stick with it but i'm not totally sure. it's not making me worse and i still feel good and everything else i tried made me feel bad and didn't help. i know you said it was slow so please let me know if you are still seeing results so i will be more confident in continuing....
  4. Im so glad to hear its working well for you MH! I have been using it for almost a month now and am having that breakout that they talk about unfortunately. it does say that you have to detoxify and i emailed them and they gave me a list of the ingredents that are working in my body to help it and it all sounds good and healthy so i guess i will just wait and see. its kindda depressing because i was having such hopes and hearing your story and a few others i expected to have clear skin in a we
  5. Hi MH. So glad to hear that you've been seeing great results with the derma cleanse. I have been using it for almost a few weeks now and do notice the smoothness of the skin. my acne has not gone away yet but i am impressed with how healthy my skin feels. my body feels healthier too from the detox capsules. I am excited to see how this goes.
  6. I ordered the zenmed dermacleanse this past weekend and it arrived last night! i looked at it and am so excited! the cleanser smells really good and i liked the way it cleansed my skin and the gel didn't feel too heavy or sticky like ive noticed some other ones do. I hate swallowing pills but these are coated caps so its not that bad and they are good for me. obviously it's only been 1 day so i havent noticed any results yet but it feels nice on my skin. have you seen any results yet MH???
  7. Well I saw my dr today and he said i did actually have a reaction to the retin a and he gave me some cream to help with the allergy on my skin but warned my acne may get worse with it! i cant believe it! now i have to worry about this! i'm sick of listening to him - he has prescribed me like 9 things now and nothing has helped - alot of stuff has made it worse! And none of the drugstore stuff helps either. how are we supposed to get help? has anyone tried the zenmed stuff called Derma Cleans
  8. Thanks every one! I am into see my dr next tuesday and the nurse i talked to on the phone today suggested i stop applying the retin a until i see him because if my skin gets significantly better than i probably had a reaction to it and if it still stays quite dry and only improves a little in the next few days than i dont have a reaction... i don't know if that makes any sense...
  9. I could understand a little bit of redness and even some peeling but it hurts so bad that i can't even sleep or talk properly. i read through the side effects and it doesnt say anything about this much pain and redness. i may call my doctor but he is really hard to get in to see.
  10. I have been using the Retin A for about a week now and apply a very little bit every second night. I am using the CeraVe lotion as recommended by you guys but still feel really tight skinned like so bad it hurts when i talk and in the last day my skin has really really started to peel, like layers and layers off! the moisturizer is doing nothing! is this normal or am I having a bad reaction????????????
  11. I have been using CeraVe for 4 days now. One cheek is quite smooth so I guess its helping on that spot but the rest of my skin is just getting worse and worse! i am constantly flaking and it really hurts when i talk because its so dry. Should i stop using the retin A because I would almost rather have the acne then this painful flaking. at least i can cover the acne somewhat with powder but I cant do anything with this flaky mess! Help me!
  12. Thank you everyone. My mom has Cerave so i will ask her if I can use that. I will keep you all posted. Hopefully it helps with the dryness because my face really hurts!
  13. I'm about a week into using Retin A and it does look like my skin is healing slightly already - haven't gotten a new pimple in 4 days now!! But my skin is SO dry! I try so hard to just apply the cream to the areas I get most of my pimples, i use only a small amount and I only use it every second day but I am just so dry! I want to continue to use it but think I need a moisturizer - but moisturizers always break me out! Does anyone have any advice?????????