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  1. Hey rockinsoul thanks for responding to my post... it is tough being a chick. it really is. We're perceived to always look beautiful and guys hold us to this standard. Don't get me wrong, I know that i'm not ugly. I think actually pretty decent but its my skin/skin texture that makes me feel like the ugliest thing alive. I know i need to work on my self esteem and probably go back to counseling to help with the depression and anxiety that i already have but just looking at my skin everyday pl
  2. Most anxiety medication's are not supposed to be used long term FYI. Taking a pill isn't going to be the quick fix. I've had anxiety and depression since I was 16 even before I had skin problems and have been put on many different meds. It got to the point where I was just using it recreationaly to feel better. Wynne is right, you need to talk to your doctor. Only your doctor can tell you what's good for you. What works for me may not work for you. I'm sorry you're feeling the way you are. An
  3. I live in San Francisco so you would think that I would be able to find some place here that does TCA Cross. I've called around and the 2 that i read that did it, don't perform the procedure anymore. Most places offer me other procedures which is what I don't want. I am also thinking about buying from perfectcomplexions but i still need to do my research. With asking about TCA cross, no one on the boards is really going to give you flat out advice about it. You really have to do extensive re
  4. no you dont, unless you yourself is going to have shitty skin for life I think we should all pool our acne scar treatment savings together and buy a small island bear with me on this.... if we can get a 1:1 male female ratio we can just breed amongst ourselves. Then we can all live our lives without worrying about acne/acne scar cures. We can actually have conversations with people outside without there eyes darting all over our faces. We can have a no mirror policy it will be great. On
  5. I completely agree with you on everything you said. There are so many things out there that are considered "acceptable" but what about the people with acne or acne scars? Acne/scarring are more common nowadays than people getting cancer or HIV or being born with disabilities yet society especially the media doesn't really acknowledge it.
  6. It doesn't matter. You can't change your genetics. You won the acne lottery. Live with it. Don't allow a skin condition to deprive you of pursuing a college education. Don't run away from an opportunity with a interested lady. Do the things you want to do in life, whatever it may be. If you want to do something, don't allow anything or anyone to stop you from doing it. Do you know how ridiculous it is to fear people? Who gives a fuck what people think? We spend so much time living in fear of h
  7. Hi Renak I saw your pics on another post and let me say I see great improvement. I am so happy for you. I've also been on the org for over year and have been researching different methods and I'm pretty sure that TCA cross would be the best method for me on most of my scars. I have a few questions if you don't mind before people start bombarding you with questions on here as well. 1) Where did you get the TCA solution from? 2) How long did you wait before you did another cross? 3) What did you
  8. Hi Jackiey How are your results so far? Hope you got some improvement. I just wanted to say that I would KILL for your skin!!!!!! i'm super jealous... I really wouldn't even call it scars. Mainly just enlarged pores. If you wanna see scars, you should see my updated pics. My skin is horrible.
  9. Hi Venus I too also have VERY VERY oily skin. I literally have to blot my face every 30 minutes. I've been drinking spearmint/peppermint tea on and off but I'm thinking about sticking to it everyday with 3-5 cups a day. I wanted to switch to the straight spearmint tea by alvita or bigelow but the thing that concerns me is the caffeine levels. How are you feeling overall with the caffeine? I know caffeine makes me jittery if i consume too much. Please let me know. Thanks! -Fran
  10. Hi hun I agree with everyone else here saying that you are beautiful despite your acne. Even with it, you're gorgeous. You probably already know many of things to stay away from and certain foods that might make your acne worse. I know some people can eat whatever they want but I know there are certain foods and liquids that trigger my breakouts. Here's a few tips: 1)Try and stay away from dairy. Ice cream, milk, milkshakes, etc.. 2)Don't eat soy such as tofu, soymilk etc... This can interfer
  11. Hi I just wanted to say that you are definitely not ugly. You look like a beautiful girl despite the fact that your picture is showing only half your face. I know how you feel about the appearance of your skin. Every time someone looks at me or stares at me, I think they're staring at my scars but you know what? You really don't know what they're looking at. Even if they are, I bet they're only looking at it for a moment. Funny thing is today, I got my nails done today and this girl walked up
  12. Hi Frida K Gosh I can definitely sympathize with what you're going though. Especially the whole thing about not wanting to go to the bathroom for fear of looking into the mirror especially if the lighting is really bad. I have this constant thing with looking at old pictures of myself where I had good/decent skin where my skin was scar free and only few blemishes. Those are all the thing of the past. I wish I could give you words of wisdom but I can honestly say that I feel exactly the way you
  13. Hi I would suggest using glycolic acid products. Basically an AHA will do the job. It will take time though. I've read some reviews where people used Alpha Hydrox's products on their back since it contains about 10% glycolic acid.
  14. Hi From my understanding, mama lotion is basically mandelic/malic acid. I'm not using Mama Lotion but I'm using a mandelic toner which is similar. I find that it does a great job of exfoliating and making the skin more even toned and brighter. But for my pitted acne scars, I have my doubts. There are times where it seems like its making my right cheek where most of my scars are more flattened and even and sometimes it makes it look worse. I know for sure that it does help with my overall
  15. WHAT: 1.) What size needles were/are you using? 1.5mm dermastamp 2.) What kind of scars were/are you treating? I did a test stamp for the past 3-4 months on a deep rolling scar on my right temple 3.) What topicals, if any, did/do you use before & after each treatment? I've just been using the regimen that i've been doing. Mainly just using mandelic acid 4.) What vitamins/supplements, if any, did/do you take? I am taking optizinc 30 mg 5.) What was/is your time interval between each t