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  1. Just wondering if anyone can reccomend a good Natropath in Brisbane? I have hormonal acne ive been fighting for years and really want to look into a more natural apporach into treating it as nothing else has worked - aside from the pill which i dont want to take! So if anyone can reccommend someone they have used for this or just someone good they know of that would be much appreciated! Thank you
  2. Hi Yes thats what im using atm combined with the micro - i was told Priory is perfect for acne skin thats "maturing" - honestly im not sure what i think because my skin is just a mess now - not sure if its the micro or the priory or both - im thinking tho its the micro and i have been considering asking the therapists if i can swap to the lactic acid peels insted of the micro - just because i have heard Micro can "spread" the bacteria. - I really just do not know what to think atm! How lo
  3. Hey All, Im new here so hope i can post this here - been a lurker for sometime! Ive suffered with acne since i was a teenager, im now 27 - its always been mostly mild to sometimes moderate and i had it undercontrol with Birth Control Pills up until 2-3 years ago when i came off them. So its pretty much understood i have hormonal acne - under the lamps at the beautician i show up with mostly dehydration and very little oil flow i had mostly lots of white heads, congestion and black heads wi