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  1. Why are you leaving us? :(

  2. I use it. You can't just use it a few times to expect a difference. It takes time. I've been using it since last summer. I wash my face at night and apply it as a moisturizer. Now that its winter I add a little extra virgin olive oil to it. My skin is clear and the aloe helped ALOT with my scars.
  3. Yes, I did! Gonna change it back when I can though, and keep it that way. I love that name the most :) I hope you're well too lady xx

  4. Maybe it works different for different people. I've had amazing luck with it. My skin is clear, my pores are smaller, my skin actually glows.
  5. I would assume it's just an initial purge. I broke out the first few days when I got my Clarisonic, but it's because it gets all the gunk out of your pores. After 6 weeks of using it my skin looks better than it ever has. I would think the Olay does the same thing.
  6. Honey is antibacterial and may actually help your acne. I don't break out from it and I use it as an alternative to sugar in my tea. I think my skin cleared more after using it. It depends on the individual.
  7. I've always talked to myself in the mirror whether I had acne or not. When I was younger I never left the house without makeup so I would talk to myself while I did my makeup. Then it turned into me crying and hating how I looked in the mirror because of my acne. The past few months I stopped looking and decided not to worry about it and now I can look in the mirror and see better skin than I've had in years. I'm clear for now. But I remember feeling so ugly when I looked in the mirror that I wo
  8. Thanks. I just can't seem to get rid of it.

  9. Hope you feel better

  10. I'd like that. Thanks.

  11. Zero Oil by Origins. It does help with oil and it's all natural ingredients. It has helped my skin alot.
  12. I don't think bottled water makes a difference. I have a filter on my tap in the kitchen and that's what I drink and my skin is clear. Saves on the environment and all those bottles.
  13. That one gave me an allergic reaction I had the most disgusting, creepy looking eyes for two days. Haha, but I have sensitive eyes... same thing happened with an Almay one. Anyway, how long is it okay to keep eyeliners for? I swear I've had one for at least 8 months. Sometime when I have eye makeup on I get this feeling like there's something poking my eyes but there's nothing there. So, I think it's just old makeup that's making my eyes feel funky - could it be? I toss out mascara after 2-3
  14. The Urban Decay 24/7 was the one I was actually looking at. Does it really not smudge? I don't wanna waste my money.