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  1. It's been almost 2 weeks on Spiro. and I am still seeing the spots appear on my face and back. My boyfriend says that I look better already, but I still notice them. I am still wishing for the best. I think I am going to try to spend some time in the tanning bed because my skin loves the sun and has been clear once while on vacation. I heard that the sun and the water on our skin effects the way our skin behaves. I hope the tanning works because I can't affort to move to an exotic sun loc
  2. I wonder what the hormone change in pregnancy is. So many women have their skin clear up while pregnant. I also wonder if the drugs they give to induce labour has an effect on changing the skin back to the way it was before. Were you induced? I have a friend with multiple miscarrages and her skin and weight change after each one.
  3. Well I have been on Spiro. for almost a week and the giant cysts that appeared on my face are almost gone. I have found a little miracle in a bottle that really speeds the healing time of my breakouts when they get really nasty. I use oregano oil on a band-aide and cover the big ones at night. There is some sort of healing power in the oregano oil. It gets a little warm when I first put it on, but the heat fades as the time passes. For me, it only takes a couple of nights until they are re
  4. Hello Everyone. I have had acne for as long as I can remember. It seems like forever. I started getting acne really bad when I hit puberty, and I haven't had a clear skin day yet. I was told that I would grow out of it and I am still waiting. I'm now in my 30's and still have monthly breakouts. When I was young, my face, back and chest exploded with nasty acne. I was so embarrased. I would hide under my hair and clothing that would cover it. My mom took me to a doctor that told he
  5. I have a friend that convinced me to try "BIO-OIL". You can purchase it at Walmart. It works great, makes wrinkles less noticable and helps make-up blend so much better. It says it's an oil but it doesn't feel greasy. She has been using it for months and looks years younger.
  6. Hi. I just started my spironolactone. I really like it because my acne explodes during that special time of the month. I am finally starting to clear up, but I will know for sure next month if it works. This message is actually about your IB. I was told when I started to have food alergies (gas/ bloating/pain) that I could have IB. I had a friend tell me about DIGESTIVE ENZYMES. They occur naturally in your body to help digest your food. Over time your body loses the ability to produ