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  1. Thanks! good luck to you as well. I just started my second month. My face is looking better. Ive been getting good compliments about my face. =). But im looking really red. lol. Any ideas? maybe sunscreen???? Hope you all have a great day! Aloha
  2. thanks, i think im going to try some vaseline. how often should i use it?
  3. Day 20 - Hey guys, its been 20 long days. Skin is getting really dry. Lips are starting to crack. Nose bleeds. My face is getting red. I've had a few white heads popping out. Ive been using cetaphil gentle cleanser and moisturizing lotion for my face. Is there anything i can use for my nose?
  4. DAY 8 - Hey guys. still not seeing any difference yet. My lips have been getting dry. I bought some blistex. Seems to be working. My scalp feels pretty dry as well. My eyes feel irritated while im driving home from work at night. So i picked up some visine. Ive been feeling pretty tired these past days. Im not sure if it has something to do with this medication. I'll try and get some pictures up. "ONE LOVE"
  5. Hey guys, im a newbie to this forum. Im 21 years old. Ive been struggling with acne since highschool. Ive tried proactive, murad, and most stuff that they sell in stores. That didnt work. Ive been on topicals and solodyn for about a year but it didnt clear me up to the point where i was satisfied. It did make a difference though. My dermatologist talked to me about accutane 4 months ago but i decided not to go with it because of the many side effects....well.... I finally decided to give it a