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  1. Hey Tim! Empty your PM's man I just wrote out a long one trying to catch up and it says your all full! Love to hear from ya, peace! :)

  2. Only thing to do now is go hang yourself. In all seriousness.. go hang yourself.. haha no but calm down, just look at your post.. your stress is your hair loss lol I can feel it through your words. Chromium would help hair if anything as it combats insulin spikes. Do you have dandruff? You could have seborrheic dermatitis that is causing your hair loss. Does your scalp itch.. wash once a week with borax/ACV and then other days wash with honey. This has been thing only thing that worke
  3. Why would it be different for different people? Its like the GI listing.. its not like its different for everyone.. its the same. I usually switch up the digestive enzymes, I have been taking the super zymes lately by twinlab with HCL in them. Usually I take the essential zymes, they work and are cheap.
  4. Im eating bananas right now haha. Love em so much. They dont break me out at all, some days I have 6 bananas. Bananas dont spike insulin, a guy on the 30bananas a day site went to a doc and they checked his insulin after 1 banana all the way up to 15 bananas and it never spiked his insulin. They are perfect for in the morning and before or after a workout. I dont eat many sweet potatoes at all.. I go through phases with them, I get sick of them after a little bit and they are a pain to
  5. Lentils are great, don't spike blood sugar and are recommended for people with insulin resistance. And easy to digest. Soak overnight to break down and remove lectins and for easier digestion. Moderate sweet potatoes, low sugar fruit bananas work for me and are high calorie with a large banana being 120 cal, I juice in the morning and then have like 3-4 bananas which is about 400+ cal, then like an hour later have sunflower seeds with chia seeds and coconut oil thats like 1000 cal, and then I
  6. Its good that your not zero carbs.. do some research people have got really messed up from eating no carb, get hypothyroid, circulation problems, kidney problems bunch of other stuff. Yeah you have a pretty strange diet its funny how you count like 10 chips and such lol.. but you'll prob mellow out in time and figure roughly what works and what doesnt.
  7. dude your skin is great.. you shouldnt be worrying about acne at all lol. Maybe get a haircut haha, but yeah good skin and nice smile no homo Honey really is the way to go, best topical on planet for acne and scars, redness, etc imo.
  8. Stress is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge. Your acne could be completely stress related. Stress does more damage then any bad food, drugs, alcohol, pretty much anything. Stress kills. Reading about everything on acne/diet used to stress me out too, now I just read about here and there and take it all literally for a grain of salt. Theres only so much you can do, the rest you have to remain stress free and accepting of what comes. Eat healthy, sleep, little exercise here and there, then just enjoy life.
  9. Yeah this is a good thread. Its something we all need to be reminded of, stress if killer for all not just acne. Funny because Im in the middle of A New Earth right now by Tolle, I read Power of Now and it was one of if not the best book Ive ever read, and was something that can help everyone. We all deal with much psychological stress especially western people. We live in a robot world where everyone is on auto pilot consumed in their thoughts. Need to unprogram yourself and live in the n
  10. Does look better. So yeah after reading that I see you understand about the western vs natural as well. I did the whole ACV thing so many times over years always kept going back to it because so many people rave about it.. it honestly never worked for me. But everyone is different.. Ive done literally everything under the sun and the best things that work for me is sea salt water or swimming in the ocean, and the raw honey. Manuka honey is amazing and is the best, its expensive though so lat
  11. Well Im someone whos very against antibiotics and all the creams the derms give ya, because it destroys all the bacteria in you and actually makes things worse in the long run, like a big temp bandaid and then when you go off the drugs comes back three times as strong.. hopefully that doesnt happen to you. I would recommend cutting out grains, refined sugar, and dairy. Supplement with Zinc and B5. And as far as topical, Raw Honey. Swear by it I had the same thing as you, leave it on for 20 m
  12. Haha yep ya sound a lot like me. I just turned 22, had acne since about 15 and cured 90=95% through healthy living when I was about 19-20, but have never 100% rid getting some whiteheads around my jaw/mouth. Dont know if its possible honestly, hoping it goes away with age. I eat very clean have for years as far as organic meats, lentils/sweet potatoes, sprouted sunflower/pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, have like 4 TBL coconut oil every day, hemp/fish oil, a lot of greens, juice every morning the wh
  13. I'm 22. Tonight is my last night of 21 years old.. tomorrow is my birthday I think my hormones definitely aren't normal. Had bad acne from 15 and then cleared 95% of it through diet, supps and healthy living when I was about 19-20, skin has been mild ever since but I still get breakouts here and there around my mouth/jaw. Which most people say is hormonal.. Hopefully things balance out in the next couple years.. really nothing else I could do at this point I know acne through and through an
  14. Acne can't be just an inflammatory disease. How could the body stay inflammatory if someone has ate a heavy anti-inflammatory diet for years.. don't see how that works. Works to some degree but not the main cause. Where I think in most people who get breakouts around the jaw/mouth its more to do with androgen and sex hormones. But in the end all these things are tied to together anyway lol.. pretty baffling.