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  1. Keeley :)

    Day 35

    When I was doing my eyebrows today, which of course you have to do really close to a mirror, I noticed that my blackheads on my nose, chin, and forehead are all gone, bar maybe 3 stray ones. This is an absolute miracle for me. I've had blackheads in every pore of my nose and between my eyebrows since I was probably eleven along with some really deep and impossible to clean ones in the crevice between my lower lip and chin. I really can't believe it even when I look at it because I'm so used to
  2. Keeley :)

    Day 30

    Today I took the last dosage of my first month, so I had my appointment for getting the new prescription today. My triglycerides pre-Accutane were at 153, which is a little high, but high triglycerides are a genetic thing with my family. With the most recent bloodwork, they were up to 348. As a result, for the next month I'll be taking 40mg of Claravis instead of 80mg. I can't say I'm upset about the change because I have had some very frustrating side effects, mainly the rashes on my forearms t
  3. Keeley :)

    Day 26

    80mg daily. I tend to react really quickly to medications if I'm going to get side effects, so I half expected it.
  4. Keeley :)

    Day 26

    I'm nearing the end of my first month, finally. I'm hoping that this is as bad as my side effects will get, because it's pretty intense right now. I've definitely been having dry, chapped, and cracked lips accompanied by flaky skin, which I was expecting, but I didn't really expect the intensity of some other things. For my lips, I've used Aquaphor and some chapstick by Bliss, both of which I love and will be using for the next few months. My scalp has been dry, itchy, and flaky as ever and abso
  5. I'd probably be safe and stay on it for another month. Most dermatologists recommend staying on it until you're completely clear because you'll have a higher likelihood of staying clear.
  6. Keeley :)

    Day 4

    Today I took my 4th dose, so it's my 3rd full day of being on Claravis. As far as side effects go, I've had some headaches that have gone away pretty easily with ibuprofen. My lips have been a little chapped, but they're always a bit chapped, so I suppose they're normal. My scalp tends to be dry and a bit itchy, but it seems to have increased in the last few days. My legs have also been a bit dry, but not bad by any means. The only really bothersome side effect so far has been that I have been a
  7. So the iPledge program entirely screwed up and I'm only starting Accutane today despite the fact I was supposed to start over a month ago. The book, as far as I could tell, didn't say that you needed to turn in all of your consent forms and whatnot after a blood test without birth control and a month before you start birth control. Don't make the same mistake I did, because it sucked. In addition, someone entered my birthday and birth control methods wrong into the iPledge program, so I had to w
  8. Keeley :)


    Thanks so much, my dermatologist assures me that it's a great medicine. The iPledge program actually screwed me up pretty bad, so I'm only starting tomorrow (I was supposed to start today, but the dermatologist's office screwed up, yay). All I know is that I'm taking 2 pills every day, but not sure on the dosage yet.
  9. Keeley :)


    I'm going to be going to the dermatologist sometime today to get my first prescription of Accutane. I've already got an arsenal ready of chapstick, lotion, eye drops, nose drops, and bandages ready in a little bag. I've been on topicals and antibiotics for the last 2-3 years. I used Duac and Tazorac and rotated through antibiotics (Doxy, Solodyn, and another one I don't remember the name of) as quickly as was safe. While the topicals helped get rid of existing acne, they helped little in pre
  10. Keeley :)


    After being on topicals and antibiotics for 2-3 years to no avail, it was decided that I would go on Accutane. My facial acne has never been too severe, but it has caused me a good amount of physical pain on bad days. I'm mostly hoping that the Accutane will help with my back and shoulders, as they've proved to be painful nearly every day when trying to do basic things like sleeping.