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  1. Dude what are you doing?! Ditch this girl!! Or look out for her, as an elder brother or a good friend. She's only 18 after all. Young, reckless... she probably isn't ready to be in a relationship yet. I'm sure you deserves better. The right one might be just around the corner! and I don't think it's about your acne scars. GOOD, loyal and faithful Girls don't really care about looks anyway... I mean... c'mon, think life long commitment, everyone loses their looks in old age. We are more attrac
  2. ryouhora

    2nd month into accutane

    A bit late with my accutane log. Just came back from my dermatologist with a whole month's supply of Accutane (30gsm) I have moderate acne. Huge pus-filled pimples on my cheeks and tiny red ones scattered thorough my forehead. Nothing on my nose or lower chin. My acne was just getting better at the end of my 1st month of accutane treatment... all the bumps on my cheeks went down and the zits on my forehead dried and peeled off... when all of a sudden BOOM! a cluster of pimples on both c
  3. a boy who courted me for a year by bringing me lunch to school and did all sorts of romantic stuff to impressed me, suddenly avoided and eventually dumped me when my face suddenly erupted with acne... it was a very sad experience. You are very lucky to have someone who accepts you (and your acne) for the simplicity of just who you are! I too, get emotional whenever close friends or family members bring up about my acne/blemishes/scars and complexion. I guess it's normal to feel that way. Your b
  4. ryouhora

    Accutane on an Asian

    hi spells! I think my skin condition is similar to yours. Very oily, nose area clear, acne limited to cheeks and forehead. I've very fair skin too. (lol I think it's an Asian thing) Have been on accutane for 3 weeks. Do you use sun screen when you go out? They prevent pigmentation. As for me, I'm using lemon juice and aloe vera to sooth my skin and heal my scars. The healing process is there, but slow. Aloe vera also helps my dry, cracking skin. I'm afraid I don't know about the laws in UK...
  5. ryouhora

    POST your PICS!

    hi everyone! I found this site just recently. I'm 20, chinese (lol, no i don't speak ching chong chiang) from Malaysia. I've had acne since I was 11-12, which had gotten worst lately. I'm currently in medical school (dental surgery division) where 90% of my time is spent studying like a typical nerd (the remaining 10% is spent googling for acne regimes)... I started Accutane and anti-biotics 2 weeks ago. Acne has effected me to the point where I stopped going to shopping malls or hanging out