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  1. Molasses is a by-product of sugar and is essentially made by boiling it. I don't know what you believe regarding acne and diet and there is no proven link between acne and diet so I can't definitively determine if it's acne friendly or not. If you think that foods very high in sugar break you out than you may want to avoid molasses. On a lighter note, molasses is what rum is made out of!
  2. If you were anything like I was than I can share your pain. I woke up everyday with an awkwardly red face that resembled nothing about the rest of my body. This artificial red/pink made me feel like the elephant in the room everywhere I went. I constantly had to defend my face and make up bogus excuses as to why I was red all the time. I was either "sun burnt", "just out of a workout", or "nervous and frustrated about something later in the day". It felt terrible and I thought there was nothing
  3. Yes at the conclusion of puberty sebum production DOES decrease. For males puberty may completely end up to around age 23, but that is for extremely late bloomers. On average puberty completely concludes around 19-20.
  4. have you had any tests for allergies/dairy/

    wheat sensitivity? Its hard to tell unless you know what triggers your problems. For me its SUGAR which is the worst for my skin. Meat and dairy need not be bad its more how they are processed and the junk THEY put in them.

  5. Thanks for the advice I can try a lot of this stuff, what are your opinions about whole grain pasta or any pasta for that matter?
  6. I didn't mean to associate any of my examples as being masculine or feminine, just to assert that I want to be able to eat what I want without worrying about any potential consequences in the future. That's all. In this case eating like a man can be compared to a normal guy who never has a second thought about a pimple or whitehead when having food. It's well established that more often than females males who develop acne during puberty and adolescence outgrow their acne as puberty conclu
  7. From ages 15 to late 16 I suffered from moderate-moderately severe acne. I'm early 18 now and don't have much acne at all (I broke out a little recently and can't think why- any advice?) so you could say mild acne if that. Early 16 I refrained from dairy, which I absolutely love, and excessive amounts of processed carbs I head to college in a couple month and will be a division 1 swimmer so as you can imagine I will work out heavily. Do you think it's okay if I start eating that sort of thing a
  8. Ok so here is my current regimen: Morning- Wash face with warm water and cleanse with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, dry and put on Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfecting Lotion (a decent sized dab on tip of finger.) The day cream has a green tone to it and cancels out most of any present redness Daytime- Make sure to apply sunscreen when going out (Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-touch sunblock for me) and never wash/ cleanse face more than twice a day. Water and chlorine (for me because I am a s
  9. The resolution from the pictures is poor but I can see what you are talking about. I'll tell you a little bit about what I know about that issue. My face ended up getting red after months of benzaclin and retin-a micro. That was around age 16 and early 17. I waited for months continuing to use my medication and hope that the redness would subside, unfortunately it didn't. I than quit using retin-a micro and limited benzaclin as a spot treatment only, or nothing at all, to try to combat the redne
  10. Don't assume you have Rosacea right from the bat, that seems to be a common practice at this forum. I was led to believe I have Rosacea several times from people here and have been told from two different doctors definitely not rosacea. If your younger than sixteen than it's not very likely you have rosacea.
  11. I will be trying a lot of these things, and can only hope to god for improvement. Hopefully time will reveal a beautiful normal skin tone under that unsightly sea of red.
  12. Thanks for the post, that's very informative. Thats interesting that minocycline can have this affect as well, I took minocycline for roughly half a year but stopped a while ago. I assume that along with retin-a benzaclin can also be a culprit for what you described. I stopped retin-a about a month ago (I think) and I stopped benzaclin roughly five days ago to try to combat this. I think since I discontinued retin-a I HAVE seen somewhat of an improvement; however, it's hard to tell because so
  13. Haha yeah I feel you. I will keep looking and trying things and if something works I will tell everyone. Hopefully someone has some experience and can post here. Currently I'm trying aloe vera only, no other topicals and Cetaphil Gentle Skin CLeanser.
  14. First off I have to say that I am among the tons of unaswered posts here about persistant redness caused by prolonged usage of topicals like retin-a and benzaclin. I'm not going to describe my redness because every other post on here does that. I want some ADVICE for once, I can't find a damn answer anywere, or even a suggestion. So if you have ANY experience with facial redness because of medicines PLEASE don't hesitate to post so I can at least make an effort to return to my NORMAL damn skin
  15. I'm in your boat ash, lots of really annoying redness. I have searched everywhere and can't find good ways to make it go away. If you do make sure to tell me...