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  1. I have never had a problem with eucerin.....ive been using it for a year. it helped my skin so much and took the flakes away. Nothing else did the job. And I know of other ppl from this site who use it. Thats what made me try it
  2. I have been using the regimen since august 2010. It started working for me in November of 2010. From November up until about a month ago I have been consistantly clear with ZERO breakouts. It felt amazing. But suddenly I am starting to break out again. Has this happened to anyone else? What do I do?...
  3. I have been using the regimen for about 5 months..and my skin is not nearly as dry as it was before..but it is still dry. I really want to get my eye brows waxed...but idk if that will irritate my dry skin. Has anyone gotten their eyebrows waxed before while on the regimen? If not, do you think it would be okay to get them waxed?
  4. I have been using the regimen since august 17th...and by mid november I started to completely clear up. Ever since then I have only gotten 1 or 2 very small pimples. My skin looks amazing, and everyone is noticing. I remember what it felt like in the beginning....I was so frustrated and embarrassed by my gross skin. I didn't even want to talk to people or go anywhere. Sticking with the regimen was very hard at times because my skin was so dry...which was just as embarrassing as the acne! But fin
  5. How long did it take you to get clear and consistantly STAY clear? I have been on the regimen for 3 months and I am still continuing to break out. Also, how long did it take your skin to stop being so dry? Did your skin ever return to it's normal texture?
  6. Yes, it is! I thought the same thing when I first got it. This stuff is great, it saved my skin from the nonstop flakes. My skin is still dry but not NEARLY as bad. The only problem, like you said, is it can make your skin greasy. I always pat my face with a paper towel before going out and i'm fine
  7. Use Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair moisturizer. its the ONLY one that has worked for me. my skin was just like yours. peeeling off and very flaky/ dry. It was so embarrassing. But trust me this stuff works soooo well.
  8. Yes I did. I had so many flakes that I would always being going into the bathroom when i was at school, trying to rub off the flakes, but it only made it look worse. Now in the morning and night before i cleanse I massage some jojoba oil gently on my face...which has helped with the flakes a lot. I also put jojoba oil on my face after i cleanse. And then add about 5-6 drops to the Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair moisturizer and that has helped me a lot.
  9. hey do you think if i used dans aha instead of that eucerin plus, that dans aha would be sufficient to combat flakes? Dan's moisturizer just didn't do it for me. My skin was still VERY dry. Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair was the only thing that worked for me. I would suggest just getting that instead of using his and the AHA
  10. my skin was flaking off like crazy! it was so embarrassing. i didnt want to go anywhere or talk to anyone. dans moisturizer wasnt enough to keep my skin flake free. so i just started using Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair lotion. it has AHA in it. it has been AMAZING! my skin stays flake free all day long. so its one less thing I have to worry about. Everyone who is having these issues--please try this!
  11. It is so hard for me to put on makeup because it seems to make my skin look even more flakey and scaly. It's so frustrating because its just as embarrassing as having acne. I can't even look people in the eye when I am talking to them because I know they are staring at my insanely dry skin.
  12. yeah i hope so as well :/ . since we are experiencing the same problem and are basically at the same point in the regimen keep in touch with me so we can talk about whats going on with our skin (:
  13. Today my skin was soooo dry that my entire jaw and both of my cheeks had flakes fallling off. my skin looked scaly and gross. I even called my dad to pick me up early from school because it was so embarrassing. I use everything i am suppose to. (plenty of moisturizer and the oil that dan suggests. and I use A LOT of it). When your skin is really dry do you ever just put BP on the spots where you have breakouts for a few days? I am almost at the 2 month point. will my skin ever stop being so dr
  14. I've been on birth control since the end of March. I am also using the regimen and have been for almost 7 weeks. My skin isn't completely cleared up. I am still breaking out (not as much but pimples are still there). I want to go off my birth control because it was very expensive, but i'm scared that when I go off of it I will break out even more. Anyone have experience with this?
  15. Why is the new moisturizer yellow? it gives my skin a yellow glow. Anyone else having this problem?