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  1. Regarding breaking out around that time, have you read about people who have tried taking Aleve a few days or a week before your period? I've read some people have good results with that. Maybe google more about it. It's an anti-inflammatory so perhaps it can help prevent inflammation? I'm pregnant myself and my skin has calmed down after having a few massive pimples, but a cortisone shot left me with this crater in my skin from atrophy so that's been causing me a lot of anxiety. And that is bec
  2. Polysporin should help if its infected. I had a blackhead I squeezed last year bad which I guess I didn't get out. It scabbed but ended up behind a weird thin red scab that when it came off a coupld dats later, there was pus that oozed out. After that, I kept polysporin on it 24/7 for days and it got better. Polysporin helps it heal faster and helps it not scar as bad.
  3. I'm sorry you've been going through this for so long. I also have BDD, but I guess you could call me a functioning one as I get through day to day life except for the fact that sometimes I feel so depressed inside about myself. I'm obsessing currently about a new flaw I have, and it's driving me crazy. I feel disfigured. I agree with the no picking. Don't do it! I had this problem too, and you just feel worse after with the damage you've caused yourself, especially if it leaves permanent scar
  4. I really wouldn't do anything until you give it some time to fill in. If it were permanent, I'd do it, but I feel like you're better off leaving the area alone and letting nature take its course. Sometimes you can make something worse by over treating it.
  5. Yep I have one too now on the side of my face from a shot I got around 3 weeks ago. Well more like a sunken area. My derm said it'd fill in over a few weeks, and I hope he's right. I once got if before also, and it did start filling in after 2 months. So for now, just try to be patient and hopefully you'll forget about it and one day realize its gone. Also, I think it's definitely from shot. I wouldn't get any more cortisone. The cortisone is what causes the atrophy because it shrinks the fat c
  6. I don't know if it will be permanent. I got a dent 2 years ago also, and it took 2 months to fill in. One day I forgot about it and didn't pay attention to it as much, and it was gone. I hope that happens for what i have now since it's in an obvious spot, and i hope it happens for you. The one I had two years ago was at the corner of my mouth and would show a "dimple" when I smiled. It's so frustrating.
  7. I am going through the same thing now too. I had a dent happen once, and I said I won't do it again. It filled in that time eventually. But then I thought maybe that was just a one-time thing, had a pimple injected 2 weeks ago, and now the skin is starting to sink in I am scared it's just going to get worse and worse. It's on my lower cheek. I'm pregnant, so I can't do injections but I would just have to give it time anyway and hope it fills in after a couple months. It's just so depress
  8. I'm afraid now that things might get worse. I still had the pimple because there was still a whitehead under the skin that just needed to come out. I went back to derm yesterday saying the cortisone shot didn't work, and I thought I had said to the nurse that I just wanted the extraction. I wasn't paying attention and realized when he went to my face, he was doing another shot in that spot and not the extraction. I'm SO mad at myself. He thought I wanted another shot, I just wanted it to be
  9. No obvious dent so far, but still that grayish cast around the pimple. The pimple didn't even go away...it's just shrunken down instead of a red inflamed bump but still a bit of a scab maybe because there was a whitehead in there. So it just looks worse b/c I still have the pimple that feels highlighted by the grayish shadow around it. I hope it looks better soon.
  10. Thanks. I'm just really worried. Having a dent is worse than the pimple. I'm just worried its got a darkish cast around it because the skin's going to settle in.
  11. I had a pimple injected with a cortisone shot yesterday at the derm. Today it's smaller, but the skin around it sort of has a "shadowy" look like the skin is thinner. I'm really nervous the skin is going to sink in around it and atrophy. It's right on my cheek. I had a dent once from a shot, and it took months to fill in. I thought it would be okay now. If it has that appearance around it, does it mean the skin is going to get depressed and I'll have that weird dent? Anyone know?
  12. I have this pimple that I tried dabbing alcohol on, and I don't think it helped because while it's not getting worse and coming to a head, it's just stayed the same as a red bump on my chin. I don't know now if it'll ever come to a head. I was thinking of getting a cortisone shot, but I'm in my second trimester. Any other women get it while pregnant? I don't know if it's worth it or not.
  13. I've made some pretty nasty wounds out of popping pimples and what worked was keeping Polysporin on the spot. It heals better for me if it does NOT scab. Keeping it moist prevents it from scarring as bad and it makes it look much better by a few days later. You might have a pink spot for awhile, but it almost always 100% disappears for me by the time it's a few weeks later. The pinkness is not the problem, that fades eventually...it's any indentations in the skin that you don't want left and
  14. Hi, I haven't been on in awhile. My skin has been pretty good since I had my kids, but now I'm pregnant again in second trimester, and it's starting again! My problem is I get pimples that turn into nasty red bumps where I start to get a head, and then it ends up needing to be popped or it can't heal. I usually run to the derm's office because when I try to do it myself, it ends up into a nasty looking wound and takes forever to heal and leaves a mark for months. I actually went yesterday to
  15. Thank you. I actually ended up just getting it extracted because by Friday morning, the inflammation had gone down a lot (I took Aleve), and it had come to a head. The derm extracted it, I put polysporin on it at night and was left with a thin scab that was easy to cover with concealer. Today the scab came off, and it's just a pink spot now but that should hopefully fade. So I guess I did the right thing! Since it's flat, I don't think a shot was needed in this case.