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  1. since ive been home from indianapolis after staying w. my boyfriend & his family. i was trying to calm my skin down PRONTO. i have to say i have YET to get the regimen grrrrrr. not by choice, but... i thought to myself: A. i have a droid eris B. a droid is a touchscreen phone. C. touching my phone all day everyday...is basically as if im touching my face. so i began talking using my speakerphone, i have to say that & trying not to be so stressed lately & keep up w. using my g
  2. Ok, ive been using covergirl concealer for idk how long now. & i decided i can never find it really anywhere & im not 1OO% sure on if it was ok for my skin. i went to a local walmart... & after seeing my friends youtube video she lovessssss maybelline superstay foundation. i was between 2 concealers & decided to try their concealer since she lovedddd! their foundation. i just dont like the size of the tube. its so small & it cost almost $7.OO. im thinking of trying their
  3. thank you, hmmm i may just need to try a tinted moisturizer when i can get my face back on track. but thank you (: i was looking at makeupalley for the aveeno reviews. i cant use mineral though =/ it makes me break out as weird as that is or i get a rash, i think im allergic to it somehow and their brushes as well because theyre animal hair based. but ill keep tryin =/ hopefully the HD is okay for skin somehow cause im curious. ;p
  4. i seriously cannot wait to order the regimen, i have to just wait a few more days. i was using Mario Badescu & i feel like it was good but not good enough for me. i loved the Drying Lotion. i do recommend that! it made my blemishes shrink! if you catch them quick enough & continue to apply it they will go away on their own. & i was also using St. Ives Green Tea Scrub. i love how soft the scrub is, its like sand & im obsessed w. the smell. however, im out of it now as well just as
  5. ive never used a tinted moisturizer, does anyone know any good ones? like REALLY good? i dont want to waste my money. & im about to get on the regimen soon. i want to be sure it wont make me breakout. & i would love something that would help the overall look of my skin. i was thinking of using the new aveeno tinted moisturizer but i read online alot of bad reviews. could anyone please help me? & also id love some help on other foundation choices. i use revlon colorstay now, but i