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  1. thank you so, so much!!! really.. you encouraged me to go on..thank you! i hope my red marks will fade in time... THANX!!
  2. yep...they are only red marks and i THANK GOD they are only red marks and not scars ok...i will try it.. THANKS!
  3. ooo...thank you so much for helping me i know i have to be patient but i am tired of waiting and waiting... thx again for your advice
  4. please HELP me... pics: right now i am using : GLYCO-A (glycolic acid) by night and sulphur soap... i know it takes time to fade but i can't wait anymore.... i want something to WORK!! //// what to you suggest me to do next? THANK YOU... GOD BLESS!!! cris.
  5. what do you suggest me to do next??? THANK YOU!
  6. hello well...i used accutane and now i have a lot of red marks and scars ((( i don't know how to do... i HATE them.. right know i am using GLYCO-A (acid glycolic) by night and extra virgin olive oil by day and sulphur soap but i don't really see the results.. i know i have to wait but, believe me, i am TIRED of waiting.. i want my CLEAR FACE BACK! so,, plase..HELP... what do you suggest me? thanks// pics of my red marks/scars: GOD BLESS ] cris.