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  1. Hi Everyone! Today I filmed and uploaded a video to Youtube. I'm talking about Epiduo and how it cured my acne... Since I had so much support on the .org while I was really suffering, I was wondering if you guys could extend that support again? Please could you watch my video and let me know what you think...? I don't mind what kind of feedback, I just want to figure out if I should make a habit of making videos talking about acne... I'd put this to my facebook friends but I'm a bit shy (wei
  2. There is a young man who works in the Co-Op (small supermarket) in my village. He has quite severe acne. Since I used to have moderately severe acne, I am desperate to talk to him about skin whenever I see him. I have such a strong empathetic sorrow for him, I would love to help.... But my skin is clear now. I know that when my skin was at its worst, if anyone with clear skin tried to discuss it with me, my feelings would have been hurt. Even when my mum talked to me about 'how to clear my sk
  3. I was put on Yasmin to help my acne and to, well, control birth... I didn't notice an improvement as a result of the pill but I think my acne was more a result of unfortunate genetics than hormones. I do have a friend who had great success with BC, but her acne did come back when she came off it (ended up having permanent success with roaccutane). I've had no side effects with Yasmin, although my boobs were ENORMOUS (to the joy of my partner) but so painful (to the disappointment of said partne
  4. My derm said something like that to me. She told me it wasn't my fault and that it wasn't anything that I was doing.... That's worse! If it's something in your lifestyle that causes spots, at least you can change or stop that thing. Have you tried BC for hormonal acne?
  5. I love make up... But I also love being able to not wear it. When I was suffering really badly with acne I was completely afraid of wearing any make up at all, despite my derm telling me it wouldn't aggravate my skin (I still don't believe her...) I've actually written a blog post about not wearing make up and having acne if anyone is interested... http://abi-girl.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/going-without-make-up-bare-faced-freedom.html Does anyone have any solutions to having dry skin as a res
  6. Your post has inspired me to finally finish writing my blog post about going out without make up! If you have any interest in this here's the link http://abi-girl.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/going-without-make-up-bare-faced-freedom.html It sure does feel good not to wear make up! My skin used to be rather terrible. I actually took lots and lots of photos of it which are in my gallery on the org and here. Looking at them as a reference puts things in perspective for me when I get the odd spot.
  7. Firstly I want to say how impressed I am that you go out without make up. I know a lot of girls find this difficult even if they have clear skin! Funnily enough I refused to wear make up while my skin was bad (I was so fearful it would aggravate it), I wear make up much more frequently now my skin is clear. For me, I was so obsessed and vain when my skin was bad... It was all I could think about and talk about. It was rigidly vigilant with my diet (I never ate out), my drinking (drinking unhe
  8. Actually my point was that we cannot generalise about how men feel about women with acne. As I said, everyone's attitudes towards acne differ according to experience. In no way am I saying that men aren't deep and contemplative! I'm saying that in regardfirst impressions, it is inevitably the visual that is judged. How can anyone judge someone's character without knowing them? There are many many physical things that make a person attractive apart from skin condition, as well as personality tr
  9. Your world sounds lonely and tedious. With such a clinical view of human emotions you must not be feeling very happy in yourself. Hopefully you will find out that life and people in it are wonderfully unpredictable, complicated and exciting - not something that is tangible and can be measured as you so neatly put it. Merry Christmas!
  10. Hi Potlock I'm really sorry to hear that you are finding the treatment so frustrating. I felt the same thing with my first few weeks on Epiduo. Often people experience a 'purge': beginning a strong topical treatment can bring spots up to the surface quickly. Don't forget that the skin is on a six week cycle; you'll need to wait 6-7 weeks with consistent use of a product for the new treated skin to show through. With the peeling... Just moisturise with something gentle day and nigh
  11. I'm sorry Spotthedifference but I disagree. Men are much more straightforward than women and are unlikely to have that kind of reverse psychology thought process. BlackStar85 is right, men can be judgemental! Just like women can be judgemental. There are open minded 'decent' guys who will take you for what you are and give zero shits about the condition of your skin seeing beauty beyond it. And there are men who lack experience of acne and therefore empathy who may not be so accepting. M
  12. Continue!!! It gets better I promise. I know the flakes and redness are absolutely rubbish, especially when your make up is coming off with your skin! But I found exactly the same thing and was clear in 2 months. The flakiness and redness went away for me roughly at the same time I got clear. I took photos of all of it and put them on my blog if you'd like to see what I experienced getting clear and how my skin looks now after a year and a half on epiduo. How clear are you currently?
  13. I absolutely adore your love story. You two are diamonds of the org. Congratulations on your engagement!!!
  14. Wow you must have the most amazing commitment! My sister is wheat intolerant and I always find it quite difficult to cook for her... She's rake thin and has amazing skin so she must be doing something right! Do you feel like your diet affects your energy levels? I heard that cutting gluten gives you more energy and I'm very interested in this as my coffee intake is through the roof and I need an alternative!
  15. Really interesting post! Can I throw in the suggestion of tomatoes as well please?! Full of antioxidants. Lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, salt and petter with fresh basil makes a good salad dressing aimed at acne. Problem is, it's really really acidic so 1. the sourness will give you an attractive raised eyebrow squinted eyes look and 2. Drink some water afterwards to protect your teeth. That is all. No it's not. If you're cutting gluten out of your diet, you might find that you're