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  1. Accutane: Day 14 Hey guys, I decided to update my blog a little more infrequently so that I can provide more interesting posts haha. I called it folks. The good first week of Accutane is long gone. Side effects in full swing, my face and body are taking a tole. My face is covered with dry patches around my jawline that extend down the sides of my neck and one side of my face broke out in the middle. -sigh- I wouldn’t consider this an initial breakout though. My face isn’t covered with acne and
  2. Accutane: Day 8 Already finished by second box of pills, wow. Today my face looked really clear, and the big bump on the side of my face is deflated and painless now. It’s still a darkened mark, but it’s going away quickly. My face doesn’t look as flaky, but I can tell it’s drying out even more. My entire face feels tight and dry. Making a lot of facial expression pulls and kinda tingles. Acne looks like it’s actually improving… knock on wood. Not much else to report. Not feeling any aches o
  3. Thank you! Accutane: Day 7 Shit. I look BAD. I woke up a few times throughout the night to scratch this one part of my neck right below my jawline. I woke up and it’s red, swollen, and lumpy looking. :/ I got a large bump on my cheek I got rid of this morning, hoping it doesn’t return. Besides that, my face is really flaky and red. It’s day seven. That means I have completed week one. That means that I am 1/20 done with Accutane, and that’s worth celebrating! Just hoping this itchiness and
  4. Accutane: Day 6 Hey guys. Being on Accutane, I’ve come to realize you almost always wake up to a surprise on your face. Thankfully, today was not a bad one either. It looks like I’m sunburnt… :/. My skin has graduated from flaking, and is now peeling instead… which, it doesn’t really bother me to be honest. I’ll get in the shower and just gently rub my face in a scrubbing motion with my hand and it peels all the dead skin off. I have to repeat this process every morning and night, but it reli
  5. You're skin is already starting to look better! I'm definitely glad another person on this forum is starting Accutane the same time I am, so we can compare! I definitely know what you mean about your face having a pink tint to it. My face doesn't match the rest of my body now either haha. I tried using Cerave lotion for the first time this morning... it felt alright. I got up and looked at the mirror a few minutes later and my face was red as tomato! I washed off the lotion then and tried Gold
  6. Accutane: Day 5 I woke up this morning and my headaches were completely gone! My face is definitely beginning to feel the burn, I woke up around 4am and scratched two spots raw near by chin/jaw. It’s not too bad and I believe a lot of it had to do with my washing my face in haste last night in the sink, instead of a full shower. This morning after I got up and bathed, I put on CeraVe lotion early to try and offset any chance of over drying. My lips have yet to feel dry at all… but I’ve constan
  7. Accutane: Day 4 That small headache I had yesterday morning got increasingly worse throughout the day; however, this morning it felt much more tamed (but still there.) My skin is starting to feel a little differently. I got out of the shower this morning to my face feeling… “tingly”. It also has a slight burning sensation to it for about 15-20 minutes thereafter. Not a “OMG IT HURTS” burn, but just a slight one. It feels kind of good in a sense, it’s warming . No new bumps on my face to repor
  8. Actually, I take that back. I got a few new bumps underneath my jaw... they don't have heads and are painless, but they may go down or progress into cysts. Time will tell. I got a haircut today too! The small, invisible bumps on my chin are growing in numbers and visibility. I can still only see them when I pull my skin back, but they are there. It looks like a start to an IB. Yikes.
  9. Accutane: Day 3 Ever since the night of Day 2, my throat was a little hoarse. I woke up this morning and the side of my face was a little itchy, but not bad at all… also had a very minor headache. I can tell I was getting a little dehydrated. No outward signs of Accutane yet, my lips look and feel fine! In other news, I have no new active pimples on my face since taking Accutane, only recovering ones. Ah yes, the quiet before the storm. I know that initial breakout is hiding somewhere, just com
  10. You're beautiful! Wishing you the best of luck, at least the drug is doing *something* haha. I don't know HOW you guys can't pop those things. I mean, I would advise against it, but when I have zits like those I just can't help but pop pop pop pop.
  11. Haha man, chill out! I read your log and at month 2 and 3 you were so angry that your skin was still breaking out; however, I am really glad to hear your skin is finally improving . I started Accutane yesterday and I'm expecting little to no results until my 3rd or 4th month. Patience, patience, patience my friend.
  12. Thanks! And I've noticed that too. The more I read up on others' journeys, the more it seems the number one symptome of Accutane treatment is a false sense of paranoia in the patient. I mentioned it once in my blog, Accutane will not be to blame for every bodily inconvenience I'll have. I'll still log any abnormal things, even if I still believe Accutane plays a small role in them. EDIT: Hey everyone, my latest blog post includes a picture of my back as well, albeit a low quality one. Comments?
  13. Thanks! Ironically, the past few days before Accutane were dry spells as far as acne goes, no new big bumps. The real problem for me is body acne, maybe I'll work up the courage to post photos of my back.. but it is horrible! ---------------------------- Accutane: Numbero Dos Hello and welcome all to my second day of Accutane! I’ve felt no side effects thus far (that I’ve noticed). But, DUH, it’s day two. To be honest, I’m not expecting anything until around day 6 as far as dryness goes. Res
  14. Hey guys, I'll be religiously updating this log every single day and include pictures when I notice any noticable chance in my acnd. The logs I'll be posting here will be copy/paste of my blog. I know my acne is moderate for the most part, but my skin decided to play nice and start me off on Accutane with a head start. I have tried Retin-A, Tazorak, Doryx, Differin, Epiduo, and quite a few others. I am FED up, so here's to a more (hopefully) permanent solution. For how cheap this medicine is, I
  15. Your acne's not bad at all man :/. Good luck on Accutane though, I hope it brings you the results you desire.