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  1. I ordered yesterday 15% salicylic acid peel and 30% glycolic peel as they recommended to start with. I read that one should not use TCA peel within the first 24 months of accutane. I quit accuaten 12 months so its good that I don't use anything stronger such as TCA peel then. I hope instructions come along since I have no clue how to do these peels. Will there be any falking with either salicylic or glycolic? I ordered them each in 2 oz bottles. I have a gentle cleanser that I currently use so c
  2. Alright, thanks! Will salicylic acid help with texture improvements? Will it prevent and help against acne? or perhaps wrinkles? I am currently looking, do they ship to sweden aswell?
  3. Anyways, I registred at the link you provided. I am looking into salicylic acid peels. WHat should I get, there is a lot to choose from? How strong peel should be done. Salcylic acid can't cause damage such as TCA, am I right? By the way, thank you for returning my questions! 30% concentration perhaps?
  4. Yeah I should probably try a much weaker chemical peel. However what should I start with? - Salicylic Acid or Glycolic acid?Do they help against acne, bad skin in general, red marks and small texture scarring? I need help, I am new to this area
  5. Yeah I understand. I asked my derm about it aswell, he hasn't return yet. However, is there scientific proof it works? WHat about VI derm peels?
  6. I am interested in an TCA peel to enchance my skin. I have suffered from some acne, so I have some red marks, shallow scars and some uneven parts. I read that some people have been trying low % TCA peels. Some people even do their own peels, which I was inerested in doing, with some very low % TCA. I am in need of help though how to advance. Is their a legit webpage that offers? WHat should I except from tca peels?
  7. This sounds interesting. I might try it. However, I have some questions. Since I live in Sweden I can't really get the exact same stuff as you. As far as fiber supplements I just got myself some fiber supplement at the pharmacy. Fiber pills as fiber pills. Continuing, with the Probiotic supplements, I found the pharmacy has something called Multi-tabs Imumax; 13vitamins,7minerals,antioxidants(C, E,Zinc,Selenium)and 1 billionprobioticbacteria (LGG). Contains no lactose, gluten and milk
  8. I just mailed my doctor regarding the hydroquinone topic, I'll hear what he has to say. This baby brush method I just started using, but with a toothpaste, it should have some effect since it works as a peel? WHat would be the next step later on, a chemical peel, such as VI derm peel?
  9. Read numerous articles in Sweden (where I come from) which cites that using hydroquinone over time causes damage to the skin. I also believe it is a ban substance in skin care products. I have had these red marks for 1 year now. They have improved during time but I want to reach almost perfect result. I heard using lemon concentrate on the skin is also bad.
  10. I finished my accutane course 8 months ago. I have been applying Retin-a for 10 months now (I did it during my accutane course, orders from my doctor) I am looking for treatments to combine to increase my improvement. I have started to do a little bit scrubbing, using a toothbrush very carefully 2 times a week to force the skin to exfoliate. I apply retin-a once every other day. I also do put apple-vinager cider on my face 3 times a week. I am looking for tips to remove red marks and imp
  11. I have suffered from scaring due to my acne. However, during my second course, taking accutane, I was prescribed Aberela (Vitamin-a) for my scaring simultaneously as doing accutane. I've been applying Aberela, almost every day, for 6 months. I will not lie and say that vitamin-a cream has a magical efffect but it does work. It has improved my scars and skin texture. My doctor in Sweden told me that Aberela, combined with accutane has great effects in skin improvement. After 6 months, I belie
  12. Still taking 1 pill every monday and thursday. Skin is better than ever. However it gets very greasy and oily after a couple of hours. I do not have any acne, but could in time the oily skin cause acne? I wash my face every other day with a cleanser containing no perfume or soap that is very gentle for my skin. I still do aberela every night as it has really helped my skin A LOT by now. Been using it for over 4 months now, every day basically. It has helped my skin.
  13. here comes some pcitures. ignore the white vaseline, my lips are still dry at the corners... still applying aberela every night to enchance and improve my skin, which I do notice some different after now almost 4 months of everyday using basically. photos taken with different lightning to give a better grip http://img202.imageshack.us/g/acne1.jpg/
  14. Getting to an end of my accutane course. I take 20mg every Monday and Thursday, which I have since 3 weeks back. This is my first day my skin is getting oily, it really is. My hair is getting more oily too, as I notice I have to. This is not so pleasent. My skin the last day looked a little bit more red than normal, today however it is looking better. I hope no relapse of acne now. Until later
  15. Interested in a cleans and moisturizer as I am getting done with accutane. My doctor recommended Beaute Pacifique products'. I was thinking a cleanser like Enriched Cleansing Milk, Dry skin. Enriched Moisturising Creme, All Skin Types, as a moisturizer http://beautepacifique.com.au/ Is there risk that any of these will cause acne or be "too" much for the skin? The moisturizer contains some sort of vitamin C, and E. Does this affect the skin in any way? For the moment I apply aberela ever