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  1. Three weeks of clindamycin, about a week and ~2 days of Retin-A. I'm using clindamycin phosphate 1% in the morning, with some light moisturization afterward, and Retin-A 0.025% before bed. I find that my skin has been getting pretty oily/shiny during the day, but that has been happening for as long as I can remember anyway. It's definitely a different kind of shiny that the kind I'm used to, if that makes sense. I currently have a few fresh active pustules with all of my other cysts/p
  2. It's been two weeks of clindamycin. I've started slowly incorporating the Retin-A into my regimen. Currently I have a couple of active pustules. The majority are older ones that are on their way out rather than on their way in. Some are still raised, while others have flattened out entirely. Hyperpigmentation is very noticeable at the moment, and skin is starting to feel very tight / dry. I had a checkup with my new dermatologist today, and he threw in minocycline. I'm still debating w
  3. One week of using clindamycin phosphate so far, 2x a day (morning and night), and I like what I'm seeing. I've only had a few new pimples come up since last week. Some have gotten moderately inflamed, but not nearly to the level that I'm used to. Existing pimples have shrunk / dried up significantly. A good number of the pimples that were cysts last week are now just flat areas with hyperpigmentation. I haven't been moisturizing too much (patches of moisturizer in the morning, non
  4. Unfortunately, the breakouts were happening even before my round(s) of antibiotics. They are clearly hormonal cysts, since they are exacerbated by periods of stress and/or increased sexual activity, and tend to dissipate with better sleep, stress management, etc (without ever fully going away). In theory, I could control the outbreaks via day-and-night BP application, which has worked in the past. However, I am unfortunately unable to moisturize while on BP, since any post-BP moisturizers e
  5. So I'm going to resurrect this thread because two years later, I'm still dealing with this. I stopped doxy at some point in late 2017 / early 2018, because it was giving me symptoms like excess water retention, weight gain, pain in my feet and IBS. I subsequently went on a course of narrow-spectrum antibiotics to kill off any bad bacteria that might have colonized my gut post-doxycycline. I went for about a year not really taking care of my face, washing once in the mornings, etc. I always consi
  6. My digestion is good. I used to deal with chronic IBS-like symptoms, but haven't had those recur for about a year now. I don't think I'll go on isotretinoin again unless I REALLY had to.
  7. I'm doing okay. Still on doxy, which I think has been keeping my large acne from getting too large. I did some major bloodwork recently (for a variety of issues, mainly low energy, constant fatigue, irritability, sleep problems, libido issues) and have gotten back some interesting results: 1) my vitamin D levels are low and 2) my testosterone is that of an 85-100 year old man. I'm currently supplementing vitamin D, fish oil, maca root and a little zinc (already learned my lesson regarding ex
  8. Well, things are a little more controlled, I have maybe 4-5 painful active pustules, and the others are, for the most part, receding. They're still raised lumps, but they are on their way out rather than coming in.
  9. Well, half a year later, I'm worse off than when I started this thread - but at least I've discovered several things that don't work for my acne, which is nice. Seems like most supplements that are traditionally good for acne give me problems. Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, Zinc - each one made my skin worse in its own special way.
  10. Well, I'm back on doxy. I've tried weaning off of zinc, with a tablet here and there. Haven't really taken any for the past week, and my acne is really out of control right now. I have about 10 big, painful pustules on my face. They are almost more like boils than real acne. I asked my doc to re-prescribe doxy because I feel like the BP is really useless against the big pustules.
  11. I've upped my zinc intake again, and painful pimples have swelled up near my mouth / chin again. Headaches came back too. Definitely a correlation there. Need to stop zinc for reals!
  12. Been trucking along. I haven't been taking crazy amounts of zinc, but haven't cut it out completely either. My libido has dropped off, but my acne is now nowhere near as extreme as it was just a week or two ago. I have some small comedonal stuff, and maybe one or two bigger painful ones near my ears. Lately I've gone back to washing my face only once a day (in the evening), not moisturizing in the mornings, and only using BP every other day (or every 2 days). Anyway, my skin has liked it. Pimple
  13. Small update. Zinc has been okay. The aforementioned benefits have not abated. Unfortunately, I've been noticing that I get headaches and serious brain fog / spaced out / detached feeling. I've been getting more hard, painful pustules on random parts of my face, and big cysts are still brewing on my jawline. I am going to cut out zinc for about a week and see if things normalize a little. That way I'll see if there's a definite correlation.
  14. So I've been taking zinc picolinate, 100mg a day for 2-3 weeks now. I've skipped a couple days here and there because the 100mg dosage is pretty high. I've also been experimenting with using the Regimen twice a day instead of once, and have switched to using La Roche Posay SA cleanser instead of regular Dove soap. The Regimen 2x a day thing was just too much to handle, so I lowered it back down to nightly. I've also been moisturizing on a regular basis. I used Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion on
  15. I'm actually trying out the zinc picolinate now. So far it seems to have given me some painful ones near my mouth and on my jawline, but I can't really tell if those would have come up anyway. Gonna take it for a couple of weeks to see.