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  1. Great advice Nicky. A lot of us on here are our own worst enemy. Acne is no excuse to give up.
  2. I have a few red marks and bits that are healing up, but other than that im feeling quite good. Im trying not to think about my acne to much though and I believe that its one of those things for some people (me included) where you just have to ride it out. I have let it stop me from doing lots in the past, but I have come to realise that its not worth missing out on things for. Its like the other day I thought I want to go on holiday, and the usual doubt started creeping in (like what about
  3. Hey Guys and Girls, Im new to the site (not new to acne tho!), and thought I would post a pic! Can I just say that you all look fab and you can still be good looking with acne so dont let it bring you down! It could be a lot worse for all of us! This is me, not photoshopped, taken on iPhone...