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  1. Bacteria forms immediately and sweat is a great place for bacteria. Shower as fast as possible after exercising to give bacteria no chance!
  2. That is one way to look at it, but for me I'm absolutely sure masturbating causes acne on my body.
  3. The regimen isn't advertised as a cure and it really isn't a cure to acne. It just helps to remove the acne, but it won't completely stop the acne.
  4. You can try AHA to fade the red marks. But from my experience chances are that the red marks will never (completely) fade.
  5. I know this sounds weird but trust me, enjoy the time while your a loner. I know from experience that having a girlfriend and friends will get annoying. I work very hard during the week and coming home after the work day didn't give me any rest. People (friends) expect things from you like coming to their home, eating at their home, sporting with them and even going out with them. All of this probably sounds great to 'loners' (I actually hate this word), but it drove me to madness. I wanted to r
  6. Ha, my parents said this a couple of times...I haven't seen them since the last time they said this, that is 6 months ago.
  7. Creatures are meant to orgasm, but only if necessary. It is only necessary after real sex and used for reproduction, not for fun. The first humans on earth didn't masturbate, they only had sex once to reproduce. Our bodies aren't meant for orgasm's every day, week or month. What we are doing is not insane, because that is (as you said) expecting different results. We are not expecting different results, we know what to expect and it is the same for most people.
  8. Register at OpenDNS, set the openDNS servers in the router and reset the password from OpenDNS to something random you don't know. That way you can't unblock them. Works wonders!
  9. I found out the hard way that masturbation without ejaculation is way worse that masturbation with ejaculation. I don't know why this is true, but for me it is. Just playing without ejaculation gives me serious acne in about one or two days, masturbating with ejaculation also gives me acne but a few days later and less noticable. I'm currently on day 10 and so far so good.
  10. Just a pro tip: do something you like to forget sex and masturbation! I'm currently working about 60 hours a week because I have nothing else to do and I haven't even thought about sex or masturbation. In my vacation (three months) I regularly thought about sex, nice girls and eventually masturbation. Now I even don't feel the need to masturbate. I stopped forcing to quit with masturbating, but now I haven't masturbated for about 10 days without even knowing it . Needless to say my face looks be
  11. Exactly, All the "you are beautiful on the inside" stuff doesn't really relate to real life in my opinion. It doesn't indeed. There are millions of people that are beautiful on the inside, so why would one choose the person with acne if there is also a nice person without acne? The outside is what matters the most, that is the thing you always see and that is what people will remember about you. How do you know that one person is Jack and the other is Robert? Not because of their 'insides' but
  12. DHT and milk, took me about 4 years to find. When I stop masturbation and drinking milk (or products based on milk) my acne becomes better (not clear, but absolutely better).