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  1. Ok guys i bought a new product. It's called stridex for sensative skin. Just before i use it i was wondering if you guys think it will make me peel or do anything bad to my face. It has aloe in it alchoal free and 0.5 salcyid acid. It smells good (: But still smells like any acne treatment. So just give me your thought's on this product!
  2. By urine you don't mean actual urine right? That's like a name for a product right? Yes actual urine! Trust me it's not gross! Everyone says it is but it's def not. I think it feels good and it's warm and it has a tingly feeling!
  3. Ok hello guys, I started to use aloe on my acne to see how it worked. It seems like it make me break out more! I dont have huge pimples just tons of little bumps and white heads. I use it straight out the plant. Before the aloe i used morning urine. It seems to work a little bit but makes my skin glow! It's like a small self tanner. I was looking at the egg whites but i didnt know how it would work out. Also if you guys have done urine therapy only for wiping a cotton pad on